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I’m Disabled. My Husband Lost His Job. Where Do We Turn for Help? – Kaye

“Dear Steve,

i am 50 and my husband is 57, i am disabled, but my husband was working at the goodyear plant in union city, tenn it closed in july. we had always helped our kids with school and bought them cars and paid there insurance.we owe $30,000 on our house and some on our sons truck, i also pay $150.00 on student loans for our son. we would like to be able to live more confortable with the income we have coming in,about half of what we did.we have a rental house which is in the loan on our house, son was living in it,we live in a small town with not much going for it.

when our jobs are lost to make more money for the board of directer and ceo, do we have any where to turn for help.


Dear Kaye,

If your question is about where to turn for help in your current situation, I would suggest first going through the benefits check process at You may be eligible benefits that can help to make ends meet. You can also contact your local social service agency and check for local benefits. Don’t forget to talk to your utility companies as well for utility help.

In the case of not being able to make ends meet and no additional income, you’ll have to either reduce expenses, increase income, or a combination of both. There is no magic wand.

I’m familiar with the Goodyear situation. I had a friend that lost his job there as well.

If the benefits check doesn’t come up with anything and you still need to reduce your expenses, it might make logical sense for you to click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them for free about your situation to see if bankruptcy would be of any benefit at all.

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