My Sallie Mae Co-Signers Want Out. – JoAlice

“Dear Steve,

One of my student loans has a co-signer(s) – Sallie Mae (non-relatives)

I haven’t pay this loans because of financial hardship so they have been paying for me.

Can Sallie Mae remove these co-signers from my student loan and put another person instead? I asked before and Sallie Mae told me that there is nothing I can do to remove their names from my loan.

They have been told that I can request this change but I doubt it…. Is this true?


Dear JoAlice,

They can certainly request the change but I would seriously doubt it will happen. In order to replace the co-signer, most likely the loan would be to be paid off and replaced with a new loan or Sallie Mae would have to approve of a suitable co-signer with equal or better credit to replace the current party responsible. I’m not even sure if Sallie Mae has such a process for that.

You’ve got nothing to lose by letting your current co-signers try to work this out with Sallie Mae directly.

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