How Can I Keep My Ex-Wife In Our Old House and Build My Credit Score? – David

“Dear Steve,

I am currently going trough a divorce, and am having difficuty in maintaining the current house payment. My ex resides in the house and has commited to paying a certain amount of the house payment as rent. She is currently unable to meet her obligations; and I am falling behind on the house payment. I have attempted a loan modification; but am unable to obtain all the information required.

What avenues do I have to both keep the house and re-build my credit scores?


Dear David,

Obviously you need to be able to meet the current mortgage obligation, which your ex-wife can’t fund with rent. It also sounds like you can’t afford it as well.

No lender is required to modify any mortgage. This will be especially difficult since you would be a non-resident landlord and I’m not aware of any programs that cover investors.

At this point you can sell the house or eventually lose it through default.

I’m curious, what is your ex-wives solution for dealing with her missed rent? It seems this issue begins there.

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