I’m a Retired Disabled Veteran And Student Loan Collectors Are Coming After Me. – Francis

“Dear Steve,

I am 67 years old and disabiled. I went back to college and graduated 1991. Because of various problems and surgeries, I was put on permanent disability, and was unable to pay back student loan. After a LOT of correspondense back and forth between the collection agencies and the Veteran’s Administration, I was told the loan was discharged back in 2004. I received a call the other day saying they are trying to close up loose ends and needed a letter from my doctor stating that I am permanently disabled, and they would send me a form to take to my doctor. THAT is not what I got in the mail. I got a collection agency letter stating I owe $36,000 for that student loan, and to send a check with my SS number on it.

How do I resolve this? I doubt the validity of this letter because they ask for my social security number on the check I am SUPPOSED to send them. This loan was discharged in 2004, and now they are coming after me again? I guess my question is….what do I do about this. Thanks !!!!


Dear Francis,

This may be an easy problem to resolve.

First, I need to know if these are private student loans or government backed loans.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “I’m a Retired Disabled Veteran And Student Loan Collectors Are Coming After Me. – Francis”

  1. It was a private student loan.  I applied for loan discharge and it was, I believe, approved, because this was back in 2004 and that was the last correspondence until this week. 
    Since contacting you we checked out our credit score, and there is NOTHING on them about a defaulted student loan, because this past year we re-financed our home AND financed a car, and believe me, they did a thorough search.  We researched this collection agency, AlliedInterstate, and have read some bad things about them.  I hope we answered your question?

    • Francis,

      You still have records of who your private lender was. Contact them ASAP and ask them about the status of your loan. Before you panic, let’s get the facts. Once you talk to them, check back in with me.

      And if they are showing your loan as discharged, ask them for something in writing to confirm it.


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