Leslie Linfield from Institute for Financial Literacy is Looking for Donors

I just received the following letter from The Institute for Financial Literacy. They are looking for donations to support financial literacy for seniors.

If you feel compelled to assist her in her efforts, please reach out directly to the Institute for Financial Literacy at www.FinancialLit.org.


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The Request

I am writing to let you know about an important program which protects older Americans. We need your help today.

Consumer fraud targeting senior citizens is growing at an alarming rate. Financial crimes committed against vulnerable senior populations have reached epidemic proportions, robbing older Americans of $2.9 billion in 2010, up 12 percent in just two years. These are not faceless victims. They’re our mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles.

Despite this disturbing trend, the good news is that we can equip our seniors to protect themselves, their family and their life’s saVings, but we urgently need your help!

At the Institute for Financial Literacy, we believe the best protection seniors have is quality financial education and guidance. As a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization, we are committed to helping seniors navigate these troubling economic times by offering effective financial literacy programs and services. Our staff of certified professional educators and counselors has successfully enabled thousands of seniors from coast-to-coast to better manage their money and protect themselves.

The Institute’s newest program, Senior Financial Safety, focuses on the unique money management needs of older Americans. Senior Financial Safety is currently being taught in more than 40 states and covers important topics -such as fraud-prevntion,money-management, post-retirement planning, maximizing government benefits and senior care.

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We’re seeing great results with this program but want to reach even more seniors before it’s
too late!

Our goal with this program is to raise $55,000 to provide free financial education classes to more than 5,500 additional individuals at senior centers, churches and retirement communities in all 50 states. This is an ambitious goal but one we are confident we can achieve with your timely financial support. Together we can ensur6 that our seniors receive the proper education and support they deserve.

Senior Financial Safety is changing lives!

We’ve received many heart warming stories about the impact that Senior Financial Safety is having on seniors, but here’s one that hits close to home.

Susan C., 57, of Maine, saw firsthand the impact that financial fraud had on her mother, a trusting yet financially unsophisticated woman who passed away recently at the age of 78. Before her death, Susan discovered that her mom’s checking account was being debited each month for a fraudulent “service.”

Susan, overwhelmed by her own financial difficulties, found out about the Institute’s Senior Financial Safety program and enrolled. The results were dramatic! After going through the program, she was able to rectify some of her mother’s problems and some of her own as well.

In fact, Susan took a “pay it forward” approach to what she learned from Senior Financial Safety. She is now a certified financial educator and is working to help other seniors avoid the problems she’s experienced.

Your financial support is vital to our continued success.

In these difficult economic times, I ask that you give generously to a national campaign that is providing education, guidance and hope to a vulnerable senior population.

Please join us today by making a donation to the Institute’s Senior Financial Safety campaign. Your gift of $5,000, $1,000, $750, $500, or $250 will enable seniors to significantly increase their financial knowledge, strengthen their financial situation and avoid becoming another fraud statistic.

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For your convenience, we are accepting donations online at www.razoo.com/story/FinancialLit, as well as via credit card or check using the enclosed reply envelope.

I thank you very much for taking the time to consider our request and trust you will join us in supporting this worthwhile cause.

Warmest Regards,
Leslie E. Linfield, CPFFE
Executive Director and Founder

P.S. For every $500 the Institute receives, we will be able to provide free financial literacy education to 50 seniors. No gift is too small, and every dollar donated goes directly to help seniors protect themselves against financial fraud.

Don’t delay. Please stand with us and make a donation today! – Source

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