Who Will Lend Me Money to Get Out of This Mess? – Linda

i am working and made some bad choices , my house payments are killing me it on the market but some how i just got into this problem not enough money to make any kind of payment . tryed to get a loan frm my bank they said no dont make enough been lokking for partime job no luck there its crunch time need help now and a loan to get things paid off start fresh with a budget for my needs.

who will lend me money and help me out of this fix to start over at 0 i need help now!!!!!


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1 thought on “Who Will Lend Me Money to Get Out of This Mess? – Linda”

  1. Hi Linda,

    The little detail you provided suggests you are behind on your mortgage payments. If you are behind, your credit is being affected to the degree that a loan of virtually any type will be hard to come by (and at too high a rate for one to make financial sense when you are struggling).

    You may need to consider more aggressive intervention steps.

    Please provide more detail of your finances in the comment section. Perhaps start with answering some of these questions:

    How much do you owe and to whom?
    Are you behind on debt payments? If so, for how long and with whom?
    After all necessities are paid for monthly, what amount of money do you have left?


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