Questioning the reputation of Sizemore law group. – Linda

Last year was a bad year for me, incurring large medical bills, and running up my credit card to help me pay for groceries, medicine and gas and some of the medical bills.

I was contacted by the Sizemore Law Group to discuss debt negotiation. I was advised to not make any payments on the credit cards or medical bills.

I need advice as to whether this is a reputable company and if their advice so far is the right thing to do. I am currently on medical leave from my job, no paycheck now, having to pay my health premiums out of pocket and have upcoming surgery again.

I have no means to pay my credit cards. I have applied for short term disability thru my work, but it will take time before I will start receiving this money, which is less than half of what I usually take home, and is only for 3 months. I am confused by all I have been reading as to what is the best way for me to get some help financially.


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4 thoughts on “Questioning the reputation of Sizemore law group. – Linda”

  1. Linda, I have recently been contacted by a client who previously used Sizemore Law Group. He had many issues with them. We are retaining an attorney in the matter. If you would like any advice to help you with your situation, or wanted to contact the attorney, feel free to reach out to me. You can email me at joshfinancialstar at yahoo dot com. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck with surgery.

  2. Linda, I am currently trying to get my money back from Sizemore. Not paying credit cards, or any bills, lead to accruing interest and late fees on those accounts. Sizemore takes out more than half of what you give them for their fees, so your trust account, set aside only to pay off your debts, has a tough time building any substance. Our stories sound similar; hospital bills and credit cards. It’s confusing and frustrating, but you are better off talking with your credit card company and the hospital (representative company of hospital) and asking them to work with you on a payment plan. It’s what I am going to do, now that I know what Sizemore is all about. Good luck!


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