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Questioning the reputation of Sizemore law group. – Linda

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Last year was a bad year for me, incurring large medical bills, and running up my credit card to help me pay for groceries, medicine and gas and some of the medical bills.

I was contacted by the Sizemore Law Group to discuss debt negotiation. I was advised to not make any payments on the credit cards or medical bills.

I need advice as to whether this is a reputable company and if their advice so far is the right thing to do. I am currently on medical leave from my job, no paycheck now, having to pay my health premiums out of pocket and have upcoming surgery again.

I have no means to pay my credit cards. I have applied for short term disability thru my work, but it will take time before I will start receiving this money, which is less than half of what I usually take home, and is only for 3 months. I am confused by all I have been reading as to what is the best way for me to get some help financially.


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