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Directv Let Me Go. How Do I Pay My Student Loans Now? – Jim

By on January 7, 2012
Directv Let Me Go. How Do I Pay My Student Loans Now? – Jim

I have 2 separate student loans one is with a private lender ( acs ) and the other one was with sallie mae. I was able to consolidate the sallie mae loan with ( direct loan ) which is a consolidation firm, but the other loan I couldn,t because it is a private loan.

I am paying every month $ 154.00 on the private loan and $ 198.00 on the one I was able to consolidate. A month ago I lost my job with directv because I have a back injury, i used to work as an installer.Directv told me they cannot accomodate me in any other job, so they let me go. I am not running behing on my payments yet, I already apply for unemployment, but pretty soon I’ll will run out of money. How can I apply for a loan forgiveness for any or my two loans, I graduated as a Computer Network Technician, but I have not found job in that field. What can I do.


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