What Can Clearpoint DMP Do for Me that I Can’t Do? – David

I’m considering a Clearpoint DMP for credit card debt totaling $25,000. How can they do what I apparently cannot, have my creditors change interest calculations from compound to simple to fully amortize ‘the loan’ in 4 – 5 yrs? Why can I not do the same myself thus saving $40/mo. in client fees, approx. $2200 over the same term.

Is there an agency that can provide the same service(if I can’t myself) with lower fees?
I’m also assuming that Clearpoint will faithfully pay my creditors (assuming I make my payment as scheduled to them), Should I be concerned?


Dear David,

Clearpoint, and other credit counseling programs pass on the debt management plan terms the creditors extend. They do not negotiate or change the interest calculation.

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The interest rate you are charged while enrolled in a credit counseling program may be reduced or in some limited situations, eliminated.

The loan is not fully amortized over a 4-5 year period. The creditors adjust the payment terms in hopes of your debt being eliminated in that time period but there is no guarantee that it will be.

A creditor could always sell your account to another owner and the terms may change. You might also find yourself facing a situation sometime in the next five years that prevents you from affording to finish the program. In that case you interest rates may jump up and fees and penalties may be added back.

I would not have any worries that Clearpoint would make timely payments to your creditors when you make your payment to them. They are a mainstream credit counseling agency.

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