Money Management International Gobbles Up Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions

All I’ve got to say is I never saw that coming. Money Management International consuming Clearpoint Credit Counseling in a merger. Here is what I’ve learned from public sources. Money Management International – new organization will utilize both MMI and Clearpoint tradenames. Christopher Honenberger, chief executive officer of Clearpoint, announced his plan to retire in … Read more

Credit Counseling Agencies Need Credit Counseling Help

Richard Burnett of the Orlando Sentinel recently wrote an interesting piece about the realities of modern non-profit credit counseling and how they need help. With demand dropping, existing credit counseling agencies are scrambling to find new avenues of income. Credit counseling agencies are turning to trying to sell student loan assistance and one agency reports … Read more

Do You Trust ClearPoint to Get You Out of Debt? – Nancy

“Dear Steve, i’m a single disabled sick mom making only 1842 monthly on disability and in 2 yrs. i lose my son’s portion which will bring me down to an income of about 1200; i have a house with an 8.5 interest rate and about 28,000 in credit debt and some medical bills and ongoing … Read more

I Made an Appointment With ClearPoint CCCS But I Need Help Now! – Paul

“Dear Steve, 911!!!! I really need your help I am 60years old my wife is ging to be 70 in october. I was diagnosised with a brain tumor and the operation was sucessful (that is the good news). I had to retire and my income droped by 60k. My wife only has social security of … Read more

InCharge Credit Counseling and ClearPoint Can’t Lower My Payment Much. – La Nesha

“Dear Steve, I am a single Mother living on a income of $30000 a year. I have almost $40000 in credit card debt. I am currently paying $925 a month in rent and making the minimum monthly payments on each card/loan. What do you think I should do? I have contacted InCharge Credit Counseling and … Read more

Are CareOne, MMI, Clearpoint, or GreenPath Credit Counseling Companies Legit? – Leah

$26,000 in credit card debt and medical bills piling up since my surgery last year. I lost one income since my surgery and only able to make minimum payment on my credit cards. I have been looking into several credit counseling companies for a week now and I would like to get in a Debt … Read more

What Can Clearpoint DMP Do for Me that I Can’t Do? – David

I’m considering a Clearpoint DMP for credit card debt totaling $25,000. How can they do what I apparently cannot, have my creditors change interest calculations from compound to simple to fully amortize ‘the loan’ in 4 – 5 yrs? Why can I not do the same myself thus saving $40/mo. in client fees, approx. $2200 … Read more

ClearPoint is Suggesting a Payment Plan That Does Not Tackle My Student Loan Debt. – Teri

“Dear Steve, I am 26 and a single mom living with my parents. Im not receiving child support but might be soon. I graduated from college but not before a huge mix up had me owing my school 5000 dollars. This money was due a year ago and I’ve been trying to make small payments … Read more

Clearpoint, Should I Signup With Them Again or Attempt to Consolidate? – Mandy

“Dear Steve, I have been enrolled in a debt management program before with Clearpoint. I didn’t see where any real progress was being made and I also was at the point I could not make those payments after paying all my living expenses. I have cut back and we are living with the bare minimums. … Read more

I’ve Talked to Two Different Credit Counseling Groups and Not Sure What to Do. – David

“Dear Steve, Having CC debit of total $35,563.82 with 13 CC ranging from $280 to $7900. Having contacted with TakeActionAmerican and Clearpoint these two agency. From TAC’s DMP:$795.42 first payment then $745.42 monthly payment for 4yrs and 8 Months,monthly service fee is $30(included). From CP’s DMP:$895 monthly payment for 4yrs., monthly service fee:$35(included). My current … Read more

I Contacted Clear Point Debt Consolidation for Relief. – Annette

I contacted Clear Point Debt Consolidation for a relief in helping to lower my high interest credit card debt. I have tried to talk to my creditors to lower my interest but to no avail. I have come up with the following self-help plan. I will pay off the small credit cards (and not pay … Read more

I’m Worried About Going With ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions or Care One Credit Counseling. – Mike

“Dear Steve, Married 3 kids combined income of about $90,000 gross. Have a home with an interest only mortgage that’s has a year left before it converts. We owe about $25,000 in credit cards. We want to get the debt taken care so we will have enough to refinance to a fixed rate loan to … Read more