I Was Contacted by Franklin Debt Relief. Should I Go With Them? – Robert

“Dear Steve,

I tried to run my own business and failed, got sick and am only now ready to return to work.

With over $45K in credit card debt, another $40K in home equity debt, $15K remaining on my first mortgage and another $20K in loans from my life policies, I have dug myself one hell of a hole.

Franklin Debt Relief offered the following advice:

Maintain at least one card with less than a $1K balance that is not part of the debt relief.

Negotiate the $45K to $27K and take 36 months at $750 a month to pay it off. Expect my credit to be ruined for some period of time, but rebuild it and show every creditor that I have taken steps to deal with my debt and make regular payments.

Pay Franklin a $9K fee to perform this service, as part of the $27K. So, my debt is being settled for 60 cents on the dollar, with only 40 cents of the dollar going to my creditors.

Escrow three months of mortgage payments, and stop paying my mortgage. Go to HUD and get on some Obama program that will redo my home loan and home equity line of credit on a 30 year.plan at 1% interest, and still avoid foreclosure.

Gregg Wright never fast talked me, just shared stories about his own failures and
seemed genuine. But, at a $9K fee, what the heck am I getting myself into?

Should I even consider this plan, or am I setting myself up to be a debt pariah for life?


Dear Robert,

If you could provide me with some additional information that would help me better answer your question.

How much is your home worth do you think?

Is the only obligation against the home the $15K mortgage and $40K home equity?

Do you have a job that you are returning to?

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Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “I Was Contacted by Franklin Debt Relief. Should I Go With Them? – Robert”

  1. My home is worth roughly 145k; the 40k line of credit cannot be
    extended any further.  We asked our bank to consolidate the line of
    credit with the mortgage (currently about 4.25%) at a lower rate.
     Denied.  These are the only obligations against the home.

    As for the job, I am going back to work this month, but it is all
    commission once again, which is part of what led me into this mess.


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