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Universal Fidelity, LP – Consumer Complaint – 1-24-2012

Written by Consumer

Date This Problem Happened: January 23, 2012

State You Live in: Colorado


Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Universal Fidelity, LP

Company Address:

P.O. Box 941911
Houstn, TX 77094-8911

Company Telephone Number: 281-647-4152

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Received a “Confidential Message” from a company called Universal Fidelity LP claiming that I owe their client “Legal Successor of Hollywood Video” $192.25 for movies and games from 03/22/09 thru 02/13/10 some of which I’ve never even heard of. I was a member of Hollywood Video up until they went belly-up, but I always paid my late fees and rentals, and they wouldn’t let you rent new movies until you did pay your fees. This is complete BS!

Consumer Action Taken:

Am not responding to letter as I pulled up this company’s name on the internet and there was a forum where people put in their input and it looks to be a scam. My concern is that they have taken money from people’s bank accounts and that they can screw with your credit. Can’t these scammers be stopped??? I would be happy to fax you a copy of the letter if you like.


The Myvesta Foundation sent a letter to the company at the address given or found and asked them to publicly respond to this complaint.

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  • I just received a letter from them too & I definitely do not owe the money. I believe this is a scam and am going to go ahead & report them to the State Generals (TX & GA), FTC, & the Texas BBB. I’m not going to fool with contacting Universal Fidelity, from what I’ve read here, it would be a waste of time…it is obviously a scam.

  • the just call me that i need to pay 45 dollars, they said since 2 years that i owe this money. this people need to update their info. i do remember id rent movies last year AND NEVER ASK ME TO PAY MONEY BECAUSE I OWE.
    THIS IS STUPID……big time!!!!!!

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