How to Stop Collection by Universal Fidelity for Hollywood Video Movie Gallery

Dear Steve,

I received this debt collection notice. I don’t owe them anything. This is a fictitious debt. I posted on your website and you asked a previous poster for a copy of the letter. I found this [stipulation order].

It has an address for Hollywood video in Tigard, Oregon. The attorney general from my state of WA is on it.

I believe it says they can no longer collect from people. I believe this is may be a phishing scheme for credit card numbers (you can pay that way with their payment coupon) or it may be a phishing scam for cell phone numbers because they ask for that also.

I got no answer at the phone number. I may alert my CC banks that this may abe a potential identity theft scheme. There are more complaints written today (I got my letter today also!) here.

Please contact me with what you find out.
Thanks for helping us


Thank you for providing a link to the stipulation agreement. As I read it the agreement does say that the owner of the debt may pursue the continued collection of valid Customer Accounts.

But it also says that “Any collection agency utilized by the Trust to collect Customer Accounts shall also expressly agree that its employees and/or agents will not state, suggest, imply or otherwise represent to any customer that their failure or refusal to pay the Customer Account could result in adverse credit reporting by the Trust or by the collection agency.”

Additionally, “The Trustee agrees that, in connection with any further efforts to collect the Customer Accounts, there shall be no collection fees or interest charges imposed on or added to the principal amounts owed by consumers on any of the Customer Accounts.”

And there is the statement that does seem to stop collections until the debt is verified.

Disputed Late Fees or Product Charges. With respect to any individual consumer who has complained or does complain to the offices or agencies of any state, the Better Business Bureau, the Trustee or the Trustee’s agents, specifically contending that no late fees or Product Charges were due, and so long as such complaint has first been provided to the Trustee, the Trust agrees that it will undertake no further collection efforts with respect to that Customer Account without first completing a review of the Debtor’s business records and concluding, based on such investigation, that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that such late fees and/or Product Charges are in fact due and owing in accordance with the contractual terms applicable to the customer. Upon the request of the Attorney General or other appropriate office or agency with jurisdiction over any such customer’s complaint, the Trust will share the results of its aforementioned investigation with such office or agency, subject to such confidentiality restrictions as may be required by law, prior to authorizing CCS, NCS and/or any other third party collection firm retained by the Trust to resume collecting the Customer Account.

The agreement says that the trustee can be reached at:

See also  Universal Fidelity - Consumer Complaint - 6-19-2012 (2)

Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery Customer Service
c/o Mr. Ryan Storfa
7405 Southwest Tech Center Drive, Suite 130
Tigard, Oregon 97223
Email: customerrequests@hlyw.com

If You Are Contacted by a Collection Agency

If you are contacted by a collection agency that is trying to collect on old Hollywood Video debt, please contact the trustee above by email or preferably some sort of mail that provides you with a proof of receipt.

You may elect to use the following procedure to do that.

Here is a sample of a collection letter sent to a consumer for Hollywood Video debts by Universal Fidelity.

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56 thoughts on “How to Stop Collection by Universal Fidelity for Hollywood Video Movie Gallery”

  1. I was being harassed by these jackholes about a year ago. I told them if they continued to call me that I would make the time to call them back and blow a whistle in their ear each time. Magically…the calls stopped occuring. Now they have started again. I will be mailing off this sample letter to the address above as well as to the address that the moron on the phone gave me.

    That address is: Universal Fildelity LP
    Attn: Client Services
    PO Box 941911
    Houston, TX. 77094
    They addressed me by my married name with an address on file that I had 5-6 years before I was ever married. Things that make you go Hmmmm…. Buncha fake asses!

  2. Just Got mine Yesterday here in Ohio,,, Saying I owe them $7.99 from 2009 for a Video game rental that was Late ! I Know its BS because I Rented some movies before Movie Gallery Closed and I asked if My Account was Clear and they said so.. Now I Don’t know what to do here,, Can they really affect my Credit Report for $8 ???? That Seem a little Insane to me

    • It is nuts and a claim that appears to be totally unsupported by the facts on their part. You could ask them to validate the debt and prove it or ignore it at this point and see if they send a second nastygram.

  3. Just received one of the “claims” for $9.58. Really? The amount of time they spent printing, mailing, etc. just overwrote the amount of the claim. The whole thing feels very suspect, especially in this day and age. Went to their website and sent email to disputes@ulfp.com. Lets see if this gets me anywhere!

  4. I see all the posts about bogus late fees for Hollywood video. I received one as well. If I do not have proof that I paid the late fee, even though I was cleared up when they closed ( I always paid the late fees before renting another movie). Am I stuck with the debt and have to pay so that they don’t destroy my credit? I don’t want to do a cease and desist if it just makes them stop calling but they still kill my credit. Is there a way to have them drop it and not be able to report it without proof?
    Thanks- Jennifer

  5. On Feb 2, 2012, The BBB of Houston and South Texas spoke with Scott Hearn of Universal Fidelity and they have provided the following information:
    There are roughly 3,000,000 accounts/consumers involving all 50 states that potentially could be contacted via a letter. There are several collection agencies that have been contracted as 3rd party collectors. These collectors did not buy the debt but rather are contracted by the Trustee of the Agreed Order.

    The Third Party Collectors should not be reporting any consumer to the credit reporting agencies for late fees associated with Hollywood Video. The Order states that the Collector’s can only collect on late fees. They are not allowed to collect for unreturned videos or add any additional collection fees.

    If the account had both late fees and unreturned product fees for the same account, then the collection would be for the lesser of the two charges for the rental item.
    On Jan 24, 2012 notified Universal Fidelity that The BBB of Houston and South Texas was receiving a pattern of complaint activity regarding unpaid fees. BBB complainants allege that the letter they are receiving from Universal Fidelity states they are “the Legal Successor to Hollywood Video” and consumers are to pay the fees owed with no description of the charges. The letter also alleges that “Unless you notify this office within 30 days after receiving your initial notice that you dispute the validity of the debt or any portion thereof, this office will assume this debt is valid.” All complainants mentioned they did not owe any money to Universal Fidelity or Hollywood Video.
    UPDATE: Consumers have recently alleged in complaints that they are told that non payment would affect thier credit rating. Universal Fidelity, in responses to complaints indicate that they do not report non payment of this debt to any credit reporting agency, as according to the Agreed Order,
    “The Third Party Collectors should not be reporting any consumer to the credit reporting agencies for late fees associated with Hollywood Video”

    The above is from the BBB of Houston web sight…they call out SCOTT HEARN…he has posted on this sight (if it’s really you?)….about this issue ….I recognized the last name Hearn on the fictitious “condfidential message” from UF…..
    Hey Scott….since you are reading these…..hope you feel good about the money you’re scamming!! ….ain’t getting any from me though…lol
    Glad we have the internet…cause back in the day, we would have paid this scam lickity split!!….Great Web Site!!!

  6. These people are still at it. I received the same notice on October 12th; it’s bogus. I always pay my bills and keep these sorts of records. And now I get a “Confidential Message” from Universal Fidelity saying I owe $9.58 for a rental of one movie during September of 2009. Even the amount is way off what was being charged for a rental of just one movie. The last time I’d rented one was in February of 2008!

    The Stipulation and Agreed Order says Hollywood Video was owed some $244 Million from approximately 3.3 million customers. Even if this is not a phishing scheme all this company has to do is to hoodwink 10% of the names and charges and walk off with a fortune. No wonder all the states’ Attorney Generals went after them!

  7. Dee NC State

    I got a letter dated 9/17, 2012, stating that I owed money for a money that I returned in 2009.  One day back in 2009 I went to rent a movie and was told that I owed late fees on that movie (mind you it was turned in some time ago).  I paid the $13.47 at that time in addition to renting a few new movies because they do not let you rent any movies if you do no pay.  Anyway, no I get a letter saying that I owe $13.47 from Universal Fidelity Collection agency (trying to ruin my credit).  I don’t owe them a dime.  Hollywood video knew where I lived and it took them 3 yrs to send my name to a collection agency for something I paid for a long time ago.  I must fight this because I don’t owe them anything.  This is a scam because Hollywood video moved.  

  8. okay so I just contacted my state attoney general but this letter I dont get it , shouldnt it go to UNIVERSAL FIDELITY OR TO HOLLYWOOD TRUSTEE?? or both. The sample letter?

  9. I recieved a similar letter from Universal Fidelity but ignored it figuring it was a scam.  When the second letter came, I tried calling, but was told to put my response to the letter in writing.
    I searched around the web and found a press release from the NY Attorney General (my state)
    At the bottom, they ask that consumers who believe they don’t owe the fees, contact the AG’s office.  Well I did that as well as writing to universal fidelity letting them know I contacted the NYS AG.(Mailed “return receipt”)  I just got back letters orm the AG & UF that my case is closed, that I will get no further correspondance, and that they won’t be contacting any credit bureau.  Hooray! 
    It was about 2 months between my letters & this resolution.  I suggest people do the same – write to your AG as well as the Liquidating Trust Company.  Good Luck!

    • Thanks, Andy. Hollywood Video claims I did not return a DVD but I did months before they went out of business. I have contacted the Maryland AG, having received a SECOND notice today — after receiving, and responding to, a first notice in September, which, apparently, they did not receive or read! This is pure harassment!

  10. I received one too! mine is from A.R.M Solutions Inc. From day one I thought this was a scam. I am so anal about my bills or RETURNING MOVIES! HATE LATE FEES! WHO WOULDN’T?! Once I send a similar letter what are the next steps for me and them? Are people only getting these types of letters for movies that were returned late??

  11. Same MO two movies we returned right after watching. No notice as we continued to do business with them. Was bonced around from Store to store as they were closing them. We were told as the stores closed by signs on the window to return rented movies to another hollywood location. The logistics were horrible go to a store miles away when I would have another Hollywood store a few blocks from where we live.  

    Now we get this collection letter. They have a lack of process and a total mis-managment system in place and now they are wanting the public to cough up more money.  We always paid our fees and always were asked if we had late fees. The fact that we if did not return a movie they would not have rented us anymore is the bare facts. I will send a certified letter and waste more time to deal with this issue.

  12. I received the exact letter today.  I called the customer service or pay by phone number, the representative was rude, she did not ask my name or EDP # and did not tell me her name.  I tried to ask several questions, on the third question she said have a good day and hung up.  I called again got the same rep and told her she hung up and I was still asking questions and could I talk to a supervisor she said no she was busy but I could leave a message on her voice mail.  I don’t expect a call and I hope innocent people are not paying this rediculous late fee from 3 plus years ago which probably isn’t accurate.

  13. FAQ:
    Q: “Why haven’t I heard about this earlier?”A: These accounts are part of the bankruptcy estate of Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery. If we have contacted you now, it is on behalf of the trustee. A trustee has been assigned by the bankruptcy court to liquidate the assets of the debtors including delinquent customer accounts.Q: “Is this going to be reported to my credit report?”A: These accounts will not be reported to the credit bureaus.Q: “I had a power play membership that didn’t charge late fees, how do I
    have a balance due?”A: Power play didn’t cover unlimited rentals for everyone. It was only good for certain titles (new releases were excluded, as were games for various programs). Also, you could have had a “2 out” program and rented a 3rd or 4th movie. The additional movies would have been subject to fees just like anyone else’s rentals.Q:“I was an employee of Hollywood Video and didn’t get charged late fees, how do I have a balance due?”A: Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery had no such policy allowing employees to rent for free or have no late fees.Q:“My credit card was on file with Hollywood Video, why wasn’t my balance paid via auto debit?”A: There was a debit program for power play memberships, however, late fees were never debited automatically.Q:“I wasn’t allowed to rent movies if I had outstanding late fees, how do I have a balance due that includes multiple rental dates?”A: There was no company policy stating you could not rent if you had outstanding late fees. The sales associate would typically say “you have some late fees, do you want to pay these today or on your next transaction? All a customer had to state was ”I will handle them next time” and they were allowed to rent their movies. It is possible that the associate never mentioned your late fees on the next visit. Floating late fees from one visit to the next resulted in balances being due at the time of closing.

    • I got my letter from Universal Fidelity,LP today.  They said I owed 35.92 in late charges for a movie my daughter rented.  I remember this well because when I went to rent I was informed that a movie had been returned late and that I owed for it.  

       She turned the movie in maybe 2 or 3 days late.  I would have paid the balance of this debt since she rented under my name.  It is very possible that the bill was not paid since I stopped going to Hollywood because of the ridiculous fee for turning the movie in a day or two late.  It is more likely that I paid it and if I would have received a bill in the mail, a phone call or an email notifying me of this debt I would have most definitely paid it.  

      So I got on the computer and paid this bill of 35.92 because I don’t like the thought of being turned into collection for this!   THIS IS BAD BUISNESS!!! and it should not be happening, but it is, so I guess the lesson to be learned here is pay your late fees before they collect interest and a SLIMY COMPANY takes over to profit from others.

    • Powerplay did have no late fees. As per the contract, I quote; “With PowerPlay, you can be all that. You’ll lock in the cheapest movie rentals with no due dates and no late fees and get the best deal on games, too.” They are just billing people to see who will just send it in. The trustee obviously don’t care to check their records further than an erroneous number on a spreadsheet and can’t provide written proof of the debt when asked other than to say “Take our word for it. We examined our records.” Even if a late fee was billed, it could have been paid a month later or disputed (mostly because the employees would take the movie out of the return bin and rent it again without checking it as “in” on the previous customer’s account). Quite a racket First Lien Lenders has going.

  14. Ive been reading everyones comments. An I am a victim of this as well. I just want too know if it will affect your credit in any way if you do not pay it? Because if it doesnt I will not pay. Also Can the company HollyWood Video affect your Credit in any way??

  15. Hi Steve,

    Just so I’m clear.  1)These collection agencies can not add anything derogatory to your credit reports if you don’t pay?  This is bassed on the following paragraph.

    But it also says that “Any collection agency utilized by the Trust to
    collect Customer Accounts shall also expressly agree that its employees
    and/or agents will not state, suggest, imply or otherwise represent to
    any customer that their failure or refusal to pay the Customer Account
    could result in adverse credit reporting by the Trust or by the
    collection agency.”

    2) I can dispute directly with the AG and don’t need to proceed with cease and desist  order?

    • Well this is a good example to highlight the difference between “shouldn’t” and “won’t.”

      I’d send any requests and communications to the collection agency by some sort of traceable means and keep a copy of that receipt.

  16. Steve:  What can we do if we paid the debt to Universal Fidelity, LP?  Guess I better chalk it up to stupidity and close my credit card.  Can I get my money back? 

    • Get your records together and find out who the people are who sue for class actions on stuff like this. Blockbuster got sued on this sort of issue years ago; I would not be surprised to find that that class’s former attorneys would be interested in this. I wish I handled class actions – there is clearly a class action case brewing here.

  17. I
    am am a California attorney. My law firm, Gutride Safier LLP
    (www.gutridesafier.com) filed a class action against West Bay for these tactics.  I am interested in speaking with other victims.  Please contact me at kristen@gutridesafier.com. Thanks in advance. 

  18. Steve,
    Thanks for the sound advice. As a Federal Agent I should have known better when I got this letter outlining unpaid fees from July 2009.  I went to the website and attempted to pay in an effort to protect my credit, and before I read the comments here.  Unfortunately, Universal Fidelity’s website pretended to display an error code after I entered my payment information, and subsequently billed my credit card $81.06 four successive times.  I have used the above form letter, and included language that I am forwarding this information to my peers at the United States Postal Inspection Service and United States Secret Service for violations of Title 18 USC 1343 (Wire Fraud) and Title 18 USC 63 (Mail Fraud).  Good luck to all who post here in eradicating this nuisance.

  19. Like many of you, I received notice of debt collection on behalf of Hollywood video in the amount of $ 23.53.  The rentals allegedly were from March 2009, June 2009 and March 2010.  I used to rent from Hollywood, but always returned on time or paid the late fees.
    I plan on calling the number listed, then filing a complant with the State of Utah, Consumer Protection Services.   Any  advice?

  20. I just received a letter in the mail today sayiing I owe $68.25 from Universal Fidelity, LP debt collector for Hollywood Video. We decided to check them out on line and found many people with the same complaint.  I didn’t rent these movies!  My plan is to contact the Trustee and dispute the debt. 

  21. According to Universal Fidelity LP’s website, the Hollywood Video accounts “…have not and will not be reported to the credit bureaus.”  The jerks at their call center are just on power trips and use scare tactics by making empty threats.  The jerk we talked to also told us he could not provide proof.  According to the collection letter, you can make a request in writing for verification of the debt.  You can also do this from their website. You will get no where talking to anyone at the call center. It’s best to communicate via certified letter or email so that everything is documented. 

  22. I received one of these letters from University Fidelity, LP also collecting on behalf of Hollywood Video. In “my” account number they have my driver’s license number, but there is one incorrect digit in it. Did I rent these movies? I have no idea it’s been so long.

  23. I received the same letter saying i owe 25.74 and it was in 2009. The crazy thing is when i called them and asked that they need to provide me with proof ,they said they didnt have any.  How can you collect a debt without providing proof.  When i loged in there system it had my cell # but it didnt have the correct area code. I also moved 2 years ago. no sure how they got my info.

  24. I really need help.  I got the same letter from Universal Fidelty this week stating that I owe money to Hollywood Video. The problem is, I paid another agency..”National Credit Solutions” for the same videos almost 2 years ago!!

  25. I received the same letter and I had power play they still owed me movies when they closed and tried to charge me for power play after they closed and I could not even access their movies

    • I received the same letter on February 25, 2012.  I’m almost 60 and this is the first time in my life anything like this has happened to me.  It’s a shame we all have to contend with this.  If these people would put equal effort into earning an honest living, they might amount to something.  I’ve notified the Attorney General’s Office in Oregon.  I’m hoping it all just goes away – but will take whatever remedial action the Attorney General recommends.

  26. I just received a letter from TX saying I owed $39.98, which I DO NOT OWE.  I truly believe this is a scam to get credit card numbers and to harass.

  27. Thank you for this information. My son just received this exact invoice for DVD’s rented in 2009 and 2010 so they claim. I will call the Attny General office in WA on Tuesday as this feels like a scam. With Hollywood Video closed who can indeed verify that these 3 DVD’s were actually turned in then not scanned back into their data base or that an employee decided to pocket DVD’s then dinging the customer. Thank you for this information. After trying to log-in to the website provided, this makes me feel stronger that it is a scam as oddly it doesn’t seem to exisit.

  28. I am a former employee of Hollywood Video. I worked for them for six years and managed a store for three until they closed my location in November of 2009. I received a letter from a collection agency based in Rhode Island called West Bay Acquisitions, LLC stating I owed $27 for five movies rented in 2009. The irony is that employee accounts had to have a balance of zero in order to be rented on. Three of the rentals are from March and two are from October. In order to have rented the October items, the March ones had to have been paid off. We were allowed to have three items rented out at one time for free, but if they were returned after the five day period, they did incur a late charge. Did I rent the items in question? Yes, I recognize them all. Were they late? Maybe, but they would have had to be paid off in order to continue using my employee account. I called the collection agency and they treated me as if I were a customer even after I told them I had been a manager for three years, then hung up on me. I reported it to the Federal Trade Commission, the Better Business Bureau, and the CA Attorney General. The BBB sent my complaint to them and they responded saying they’ll cease trying to collect from me, close my account, and not report it to any credit agencies (I checked all three reports and it DOES pop up on TransUnion as an inquiry). My ordeal is seemingly over, but I am still highly irritated on behalf of former employees and customers receiving notices. West Bay stated in their response to my complaint via the BBB that “all debts are valid.” It is literally impossible for mine to have been valid, so I know the majority of these debts are probably the result of people who have gotten a hold of account information drawing names from a hat and attempting to extort money from innocent people.

  29. I received a similar collection letter from A.R.M. in behalf of Hollywood Video.  To begin with they were very rude (typical) and could not even provide me with accurate information of what they are collecting for.  

    My scenario is as follows:
    in late 2009 i had no idea hollywood video would going out of business.  I opened  a new account with them in Nov. rented 3 movies only once and when i went back to return them, the hollywood video was no longer in business in my town. there was a hand written note to contact a diff. store in a town 25 miles away for farther instructions.  I called and they had no idea what i should do and told me just to keep my videos. 

    Now 3 yrs down the road i receive a collection letter from ARM without any prior notices from Hollywood video attempting to collect this alleged out standing debt.  When i called i was harassed and badgered to pay the debt or it would reflect on my credit. I explained to her my story and I told her i was just investigating the debt and needed more information.  I asked the nature of the dept and she told me it was for late fees. She seemed to have inaccurate information as to when the store closed and accused me of keeping 3 videos for a month prior to the store closing (not true).  She also let me know that I had received notice that the store was closing (very untrue). I asked how is that was possible being a new account and that this had been my first and only time ive ever rented from hollywood video.  She also informed me that hollywood video had made several attempts to contact me prior to sending my account to collections (also not true). I asked if i could challenge the dept.  She replied told me: that because of what i stated in our conversation and the nature of my complaint that there would be no point in doing so. I also asked if i could contact the trustee directly and she stated that i was no longer able to directly contact hollywood video or its trustee and that all business concerning my dept had to be resolved though ARM . to make a long story short the conversation escalated and she actually hung up on me.  I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor.  I was then transferred to what i believe was the same person who didn’t even give me her name she just stated she was a supervisor. I played along and continued to repeat what i had just told her before followed with a compliant on her staffs lack of professionalism.  The “supervisor” then insisted that i was not told that the dept was for late fees that it was for the actual videos.  She then insisted that  i pay the dept and when I refused hung up on me as well.  

    I have since called the Federal Trade Commission to find out more about my legal rights.. but they are very vague as to what i should do. I am taking the advice on an earlier post saying to contact the trustee with my complaint and to request verification and investigation of the dept in question.I am filing a dispute with AMS and requesting verification of the debt from them as well. 

    Ive read the stipulation and it is my understanding that they are not allowed to report negatively to any credit agency about any failure/refusal to pay on this debt.

  30. I have received the same thing that I owe them $117.96 for X360 games and Transformer DVD incurred in 2009 and early 2010.  I am in my 50’s and never played electronic games nor watch Transformer DVD. My son used to work for HV and was an employee of the month at that. He
    was one of the last few employees who stayed till the last day to help
    with inventory. He was not only surprised but found it ridiculous because there was no way that he would not have known of these fees if it were true. It cannot be his because he would not have been able to rent anything else unless he paid off late fees but again he was never late in returning what he borrowed because he worked there!
    I called several times the no. 2816474152 as advised in the letter for further information and assistance but all I got was a repeated recording. Finally on the fifth try a woman answered who did not identify herself nor gave her name when asked. She was not only of no help but was rude and angry. When I question the letter she literally hung up on me!

  31. Thank you for this information Steve.  I was stunned when I received the letter in the mail from the collection agency.  I had worked for the company during the time period that they said I had these late fees.  It is impossible due to the fact that as employees we couldn’t rent anything if we had even $.01 of a late fine.  There is no way I’m paying something I don’t owe, and they better not affect my credit or they will see me in court!  So hopefully writing this letter will resolve this issue.

  32. We have also recieved the same letter wanting us to pay $179.09. We too were suprised that they are saying we owe this debt as we did pay our late fees if we had them-and we turned in all the movies they have listed. How did they get this information if it is not legit? We do not owe anything to Hollywood Video and have tried to call the number listed to speak to a rep but no one answers the phone. We googled this subject and there are alot of people receiving these letters. Its good to know we are not alone, and we are trying to get this resolved to no apparent avail as of yet.

    Thank you,
    Traci S.
    Vancouver, WA

    • I took Zaf’s route and called 281-647-4100. She was the third custome rservice I was sent to when I asked for UF.  Third was a pleasant woman asked for the EDP number and what was the reason for my dispute.  I said I am over 60 and I did’t rent “Son of Rambow”.  If I did I returned it on time.  She said she noted that as the reason for my dispute and that she would “Close the Account”  I asked her to explain exactly what that meant.  She said that she would send my dispute info to HV and tell them UF is closing the account.  UF will not be contacting me again.  She said that HV will take me off the list of people who owe them.  I also got her first and last name.  I did check my credit report with experian and they have not put anything on it.

  33. Thanks for the post and the interpretation of the bankruptcy stipulation.  So, my letter is not from NCS or CCS but appears to be a collection agency that has come in after them.  I filed with the Attorney General with my state.  I tried the phone number they gave twice for 5 minutes each and got no ‘available representative’.  It appears to me from the info in the grey area that I may need to send the company a letter requesting validation of the debt.  I checked my credit report and they have not put anything on it so far.

  34. I got the exact same thing on the 23rd saying that I owe $32.86.  Our Hollywood Video would always ask when you rented a movie if you wanted to pay your late fees. We always paid it right then because we’re honorable people. But after they ask you once and you don’t pay the late fees then you couldn’t rent another movie until it was paid.  I’m glad I found this site. It looks like you all have this covered. Should I just hold on to this and see what happens or ?  I’m in Washington state.
    Thaks for what you all do! 

    • You are welcome.

      I know it’s only a $32.86 debt but if it was me, I’d take the time to contact the Trustee and dispute the debt. Better to end this now than let it linger and build.


    • I took Zaf’s route and called 281-647-4100. She was the third custome rservice I was sent to when I asked for UF.  Third was a pleasant woman asked for the EDP number and what was the reason for my dispute.  I said I am over 60 and I did’t rent “Son of Rambow”.  If I did I returned it on time.  She said she noted that as the reason for my dispute and that she would “Close the Account”  I asked her to explain exactly what that meant.  She said that she would send my dispute info to HV and tell them UF is closing the account.  UF will not be contacting me again.  She said that HV will take me off the list of people who owe them.  I also got her first and last name.  I did check my credit report with experian and they have not put anything on it.

    •  That’s not true there was no company policy stating you had to pay your late fees or you couldnt rent and also because of there bankrupcy they were required by law to not tell you or try to collect it from you


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