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How to Stop Collection by Universal Fidelity for Hollywood Video Movie Gallery

Consumer Complaint Submission
Written by Steve Rhode

Dear Steve,

I received this debt collection notice. I don’t owe them anything. This is a fictitious debt. I posted on your website and you asked a previous poster for a copy of the letter. I found this [stipulation order].

It has an address for Hollywood video in Tigard, Oregon. The attorney general from my state of WA is on it.

I believe it says they can no longer collect from people. I believe this is may be a phishing scheme for credit card numbers (you can pay that way with their payment coupon) or it may be a phishing scam for cell phone numbers because they ask for that also.

I got no answer at the phone number. I may alert my CC banks that this may abe a potential identity theft scheme. There are more complaints written today (I got my letter today also!) here.

Please contact me with what you find out.
Thanks for helping us


Thank you for providing a link to the stipulation agreement. As I read it the agreement does say that the owner of the debt may pursue the continued collection of valid Customer Accounts.

But it also says that “Any collection agency utilized by the Trust to collect Customer Accounts shall also expressly agree that its employees and/or agents will not state, suggest, imply or otherwise represent to any customer that their failure or refusal to pay the Customer Account could result in adverse credit reporting by the Trust or by the collection agency.”

Additionally, “The Trustee agrees that, in connection with any further efforts to collect the Customer Accounts, there shall be no collection fees or interest charges imposed on or added to the principal amounts owed by consumers on any of the Customer Accounts.”

And there is the statement that does seem to stop collections until the debt is verified.

Disputed Late Fees or Product Charges. With respect to any individual consumer who has complained or does complain to the offices or agencies of any state, the Better Business Bureau, the Trustee or the Trustee’s agents, specifically contending that no late fees or Product Charges were due, and so long as such complaint has first been provided to the Trustee, the Trust agrees that it will undertake no further collection efforts with respect to that Customer Account without first completing a review of the Debtor’s business records and concluding, based on such investigation, that there is a reasonable basis to conclude that such late fees and/or Product Charges are in fact due and owing in accordance with the contractual terms applicable to the customer. Upon the request of the Attorney General or other appropriate office or agency with jurisdiction over any such customer’s complaint, the Trust will share the results of its aforementioned investigation with such office or agency, subject to such confidentiality restrictions as may be required by law, prior to authorizing CCS, NCS and/or any other third party collection firm retained by the Trust to resume collecting the Customer Account.

The agreement says that the trustee can be reached at:

See also  Universal Fidelity - Consumer Complaint - 4-12-2012

Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery Customer Service
c/o Mr. Ryan Storfa
7405 Southwest Tech Center Drive, Suite 130
Tigard, Oregon 97223
Email: [email protected]

If You Are Contacted by a Collection Agency

If you are contacted by a collection agency that is trying to collect on old Hollywood Video debt, please contact the trustee above by email or preferably some sort of mail that provides you with a proof of receipt.

You may elect to use the following procedure to do that.

Here is a sample of a collection letter sent to a consumer for Hollywood Video debts by Universal Fidelity.

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Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I was being harassed by these jackholes about a year ago. I told them if they continued to call me that I would make the time to call them back and blow a whistle in their ear each time. Magically…the calls stopped occuring. Now they have started again. I will be mailing off this sample letter to the address above as well as to the address that the moron on the phone gave me.

    That address is: Universal Fildelity LP
    Attn: Client Services
    PO Box 941911
    Houston, TX. 77094
    They addressed me by my married name with an address on file that I had 5-6 years before I was ever married. Things that make you go Hmmmm…. Buncha fake asses!

  • Just Got mine Yesterday here in Ohio,,, Saying I owe them $7.99 from 2009 for a Video game rental that was Late ! I Know its BS because I Rented some movies before Movie Gallery Closed and I asked if My Account was Clear and they said so.. Now I Don’t know what to do here,, Can they really affect my Credit Report for $8 ???? That Seem a little Insane to me

    • It is nuts and a claim that appears to be totally unsupported by the facts on their part. You could ask them to validate the debt and prove it or ignore it at this point and see if they send a second nastygram.

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