Can Debt Collectors Call Me on My Company Owned Cell Phone? – Paul

About 4 months ago I had to goto ER, so now I’m finally getting around to setting up payment plan for the portion ins didn’t cover.

I call the hospital billing dept and the girl there says I can do payment plan: minimum is $105 pe rmonth until balance of $3000 is paid. I said ok great let’s do that, she asks me for a bunch of info, including a landline phone that I did not give the ER people when I originally went there , there was a strange tenor to the whole conversation.

I asked about a monthly statement and she gave me inconsistent answers on whether I’d get one or not.

I agreed to the minimum payment per month but like a compete idiot I didn’t ask her to send it in writing.

A few hours later I get a call from Professional Finance in Greely ,CO, it was pre recorded message asking for me by name, when I called back I got a “we’re all busy leave a message” voicemail. Whats really really bothering me is that this call came in on my company owned cell phone, this phone is in companies name alone, my name is absolutely not connected with it in any way shape or form. So how did they get the cell number?

I’ve NEVER used it on any sort of credit app and I’m very careful who has it. It just seems like way to much of a coincidence that the FIRST EVER, colletion call pops up on my cell a few hours after talking to the hospital.

I’m wondering if the girl I spoke to knows that my account is in collections and shes trying to get as much info as she can. Also, tonite I went online and setup online billl pay with hospital and my account shows nothing about any payment plan, just shows an overdue balance.

The cell phone thing really bugs me, that company cell was an Oasis from debt collectors, it wasn’t in my name so they didn’t call it, was nice not getiing the 12-14 calls a day.

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I guess I’m wondering if the girl told me I was getting payment plan when she was really just setting me up for collections, the cell phone call just can’t be a coincidence. In any case, I apologize for any typos I’m one eye shut right now,

Thanks to all and good luck,

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Dear Paul,

I’m afraid you may be over thinking this.

The account was already in collections and there is a chance you may have dialed an 800 or toll-free number inadvertently from a previous collection notice and that’s how your number was captured. People just are not aware that when they call a toll-free number their telephone number is passed on to whoever owns that number.

I suspect that the issue between the hospital and collection agency is one of communications, not conspiracy. If your account has been assigned out to a third-party you are better off making repayment arrangements with the collector or first confirming the hospital has pulled your account back from the collector.

Either way, please confirm your repayment arrangement in writing with the party first before sending any payments.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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