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Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – 3-14-2012

Date This Problem Happened: March 13, 2012

State You Live in: Virginia

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Estate Law Group

Company Address:

2101 Business Center Dr.
Ste. 220
Irvine, CA 92612

Company Telephone Number: 866-920-8917

Website of Company:

Consumer Statement:

Estate Law group , our house is foreclosed they said they could get us a good rate on it. Name was Brian Lewandowski, [email protected] He took my ss# and a lot of info then told me I had to directly deposit $3600 into his checking account at Bank of American. Never was sure if this was a payment for him to help or the dep. to the bank he kept switching what he said it was for. When we said we did not have that much he got mad and started yelling at us then hung up in my face!

Consumer Action Taken:

Scared it is a scam so have not called back


The Estate Law Group says the following attorneys are part of the company:

Sameer Qadri – CA Licensed Attorney
Sameer Qadri obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2007 and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of La Verne College of Law in Ontario, California in 2010 where he received a merit scholarship and was on the Dean’s List. Before attending law school Mr. Qadri volunteered his time at the Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County. His volunteer work consisted of assisting indigent clients with employment-related issues such as drafting demand letters to employers and helping in the collection of back pay for workers. This experience in helping the voiceless solidified Mr. Qadri’s decision in his pursuit of a law degree. To this day Mr. Qadri sets aside time every week to counsel and assist those who are in need but don’t have the means to find help.

During law school Mr. Qadri clerked with a family law attorney drafting legal motions and interrogatories. He became a certified law clerk, assisting the attorney with court appearances and research. He also interned in the California State Controller’s Office in Downtown Los Angeles.

California State BAR# 276011

Ava Tien – MA Licensed Attorney
Ava Tien graduated from Rhode Island College, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, concentrating in Cultural Anthropology Studies. She then served as a Paul Holbrook fellow at the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights, where she investigated and resolved employment and housing discrimination cases.

Ms. Tien subsequently attended Suffolk University Law School, where she earned her Juris Doctor. In her third year of law school, Mr. Tien served as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable O. Rogeriee Thompson in the Rhode Island Superior Court in Providence, Rhode Island, drafting recommendations of ruling on dispositive motions.

Since graduating law school, Ms. Tien has gained extensive experience in civil litigation, handling cases in a variety of areas of the law, including business law, trademark law, real estate law, legal malpractice, elder abuse law, criminal law, family law, and immigration law. Ms. Tien also has experience in health care law, analyzing fraud and abuse cases.

Ms. Tien is fluent in Mandarin, and proficient in elementary Spanish.

Massachusetts State BAR# 652157

Buchi Enechionvia, Esq.
Virginia Licensed Attorney

I have been a Virginia Attorney since 1993. I had my General Civil/Criminal/Administrative Law practice between 1993 and 2000 and since 2010. I also worked for a large Antitrust/IP/Global Litigation Firm headquartered in Washington DC. I obtained my initial law degree in 1985 and my Master of Laws(LL.M) from Washington College of Law, American University in 1991.

Virginia State BAR# 35249

Daniel Goldsmith Ruggiero
Daniel Goldsmith Ruggiero is admitted to practice law before the state courts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Maine. Mr. Ruggiero is admitted to practice law in the federal courts of the District of Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and the Southern, Eastern, Western and Northern Districts of New York. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Babson College and graduate of New England Law – Boston.

He has handled thousands of consumer related claims including lemon law, breaches of warranties, and consumer protection violations. Mr. Ruggiero has successfully handled unfair debt collection matters. He has experience representing individuals filing for bankruptcy, or other debt reduction efforts such as foreclosure defense, loan modifications, credit card settlement and short sales.

Maine – 4420
Mass – 666131
RI – 7637
CT – 427574
NY – 4454088
NJ – 00474-2007

Garrett I. Elias
Garrett I. Elias specializes in the areas of employment discrimination and consumer law. With a desire to promote individual rights, Mr. Elias has been passionate about anti-discrimination law since childhood, which is only fitting for someone who is so culturally diverse. Of Filipino, Chinese, and German ancestry, Mr. Elias has come to appreciate the different cultures and customs that have evolved over the last several decades. In his employment practice, he counsels clients on issues involving discriminatory treatment based on race, national origin, gender, religion and disability (among other protected classes), in part to promote diversity.

Furthering his interest in helping the individual client, Mr. Elias also practices in the field of consumer law. In particular, he has represented clients who have become overwhelmed with debt, working with lenders and other creditors to settle clients’ debts at amounts more manageable for the clients. He has also filed lawsuits on behalf of clients who have been victims of illegal collection practices by creditors.

Mr. Elias has been a practicing attorney for seven years and is admitted to practice law in the States of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut and the District of Columbia. He is also admitted to practice law before the United States District Courts for the Southern District of New York, District of New Jersey and District of Connecticut.

NY: Date of Admission: 1/26/05; Registration No: 4284816
NJ: Date of Admission: 12/1/05; Bar No: 1331-2005 – Source

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About Consumer

This is information that was submitted by a third party and not generated by or Steve Rhode.
  • AF

    I dealt with this company on a loan modification. I had to pay the entire fee upfront. $3986. I did not get a call until weeks later and I had to keep calling the number. Finally, the person asked me to send some documents in. After sending the documents, I did not hear anything. Then they sent me an email that they needed further documents. I sent them in. Now I get a letter stating that they cannot represent clients in New York and offering me another lawyer. This is really a scam. I would like to get my money back. I dealt with Jake Koene and he cannot be reached now to get my money back. Please do not deal with this firm.

  • Paul Rappa

    Thank you Jesus for this website. I think; all you people working for this Law Group should be ashamed of yourselfs. This is not away to make a living on other peoples mis fortune. I will say prayers for all you dishonest people and I put your greed in the hands of God and let him deal with you as he sees fit.
    God Bless You!

  • mm

    How did you obtain the information that Estate Law Group is now operating under the name Credence Law Group. Please contact me at 401-435-7628 as I am investigating a loan mod. scam against them.

    • DG

      because Chris Mackay and Scott Murukami are my boss , Im the floor manager

  • DG

    They are Credence Law Group now, Chicago address, but still in Irvine, same staff but sales reps changed their last names,Sameer Quadri screwed everyone,hope this helps you guys

  • Steph Brown

    I have been alerted to the estate law group, from a client
    of mine who paid a LARGE retainer fee and received no results. We are posting
    on this site as we are now forced to attempt to get back my clients file from
    the estate law group, all the while attempting communication with disconnected
    telephone numbers, shut down web sites, ect. I am a Lawyer licensed in NJ and
    PA with Diaz and Associates. Please feel free to research our Law Firm and/or read
    the reviews left by our satisfied customers. If anyone still needs modification
    assistances please contact me at the below email address. I would be more than
    happy to speak with anyone about how we might be able to help you out of a
    difficult mortgage situation.

    [email protected]

  • Stephanie Brown

    I have been alerted to The Estate Law group, from a client
    of mine who paid a LARGE retainer fee and received no results. We are posting
    on this site as we are now forced to attempt to get back my clients file from
    the estate law group, all the while attempting communication with disconnected
    telephone numbers, shut down web sites, ect. I am a Lawyer licensed in NJ and
    PA with Diaz and Associates. Please feel free to research our Law Firm and/or read
    the reviews left by our satisfied customers. If anyone still needs modification
    assistances please contact me at the below email address. I would be more than
    happy to speak with anyone about how we might be able to help you out of a
    difficult mortgage situation.

    [email protected]


    RICHLYN GRAF, MICHAEL GRAF, MILES DAVIS, KAY CORIA!!!! Any of these names sound familiar to anyone….or are they fake too

  • km

    do not use this company they take your money and do nothing to help. you try to talk to them and they hang up on you. horrible company to deal with.

  • michael kelly

    estate law group is a rip off,these people told me to deposit 3.000 dollare into bank of America and that they would keep our home from foreclosure.our home went tinto foreclosure anyway.they keep sending our case to different people wanting more documentation. at one point Pamela baker told me when asked not to pay me next mortgage payment because they were on the case.then we were left hanging on a string. no calls I could not get a hold of our case manager to save my life.i had to find out from other means that our home was in jerpody.i requested my money back because they failed to keep up there end of the process.i guess they think this is a joke but I am very angry the they do not care.they only wan’t the money then they leave you hanging.they don’t care they are crooks,rippoffs.they should be charged with a crime.i hate this firm.just ripping people off in there need of help.shame on estate law.i want my money back. freakin rippoffs.from Michael Kelly.1/19/13

  • Heather

    Do not deal with this firm!!! wrong, wrong, wrong…. why are they stilll ripping the real americans from their money will call the feds on them alreay reported them??? shut u down spot!! taking real peoples money u need to realize what u are doing@@e664e2852bbd7f9954f5d6e30c15134b:disqus

  • J. Ali

    I’m still wondering if your company is so great and reputable, why is the attorney representing his company from the necktie down? As I told you Preston, lose and shred all my pertinent info immediately. I see right thru this bogus estate group. These testimonies tell it all and the representation on your website. It’s sad to hear the downfalls of everyone that was abused by these scam artists.

  • Gceylan1983

    Hi im from new jersey we have been working for our home loan with this company since july 2012. They have been asking updated personal information and telling us they are working on our case .first person contacted with us is Sam Davis. He sounds nice guy. Then i stsam contacted us Alan Wordy for discussing our loan and how they can help. They asked for 3500 dollar but then dropped the 2950 with three months installment break up to 1000/1000/950 dollars. The compay said.they r working on our loan modification. Our loan processors are Mary Trend and MAPU and YVENNETT . Before somebody else is our loan processor. I never had a chance to talk to them bthey never return my calls.IM still talkingbto sam ddavis but i dont know for a how long. Strange part is they change our loan adresss to their business adress irvine california. I dont know why they did. But sam davis told me they gone change back o old adress after modification completed. And they told us never talk to your lender. I wonder any professionals people can answer me asap it s a scam or not. Meanwhile im gone try to contact to mary ,mapu, yvennett from estate hopefully i can reach them

  • Happy Client

    Hello All,

    I cannot believe the negative press about Estate Law Group. I know that you will always find customers who you cannot always satisfy but why hurt a companies reputation? They are wonderful and have helped me when my own lender was giving me the run around for months. This company is amazing and the professionals there WILL HELP!

    • Kjhgjhg

      The last 3 ‘Are you Serious’ post are fake and written by Estate-Law Group. Just look at the dates and times. Clearly the people that run the place are uneducated and are mocking their clients by posting such BS reviews. I know who runs the company and I know how they are taking your hard earned money and wasting it on flashy shit. Why I reported both owners to the fbi? Well taking money from people who barely have anything is cold and heartless.

  • Brent S.

    As a client of Estate Law Group, I not only received a payment savings of $839 a month, but they also were able to bring my mortgage current from being behind 28 months. This is a great firm and they will get your home back. I highly recommend Estate Law Group and will be referring all friends and family who in in need of homeowner assistance. Great Job ESL.

  • Are you Serious?

    I believe that ever company is going to have negative customers which are mad at the world and want to make sure everyone else feels wht they are going through. I think that all these people who are complaining dotn understand that their lender feels the same way about them. Stop ruining other peoples opportunities and approvals on your denial. Come on everyone, this is to help keep homeowners in their property. Thats it!

  • alex

    Glad I found this section. I filled out the 7page paperwork that was emailed to me. Spoke with a guy named Sean Vane. Nice enough guy, but yea it sounded too good to be true. I decided to research this company and am GLAD i dodged this bullet. Can’t honestly say whether they are legitimate or not, but a smell/see red flags.  Sorry for all the folks that have been ‘scammed’. But you’ve taught some of us lessons

  • D.J.

    Greetings, I just want to say I used to work at Estate Law Group. It’s a legitimate firm despite what people say on here. I say this without knowing your case, however, some homeowner’s just wont qualify because the information they provided initially did not match after due diligence was done. Other’s may not qualify because circumstances changed after they retained Estate Law Group, or whatever reason reason is…

    I have witnessed homeowners that have been turned down 2-3 times previously, then after retaining Estate Law Group, they where approved for a loan restructure shortly afterwards. I’m not paid to say these things, and I haven’t worked at the firm over five months. The Firm is legitimate and they are hard working people representing homeowners nationwide.

    I don’t know anyone personally who have posted complaints on this site, I hope what you are saying is not true…I can only say what I do know and what I do know is that Estate Law Group is straight up a legitimate firm. From the inside I can tell you it was a no non-sense environment, they worked hard representing you the homeowner to the bank. I never seen or heard of any scam or fraud, or any of the claims on this website. And I hope to God that non of you really have experienced what you are claiming here…with all due respect, I also know that it’s easy for anyone to post bad information business just because they got up on the wrong side of the bed.

    • MR


      Care to explain what happened to Dwain Burch? For /some/ reason we got a call stating that he “ran off with our money, and it has happened to others” per the lady on the phone. She also requested the information be re-sent so the Estate Law Group could use that information in his prosecution. We have sent all documents, ten times over, including a check that was cashed, and the banking information that the “stolen funds” came from.After reading the above complaints, we have no other choice than to sit down with our bank, contact the Attorney General’s office, and anyone else that we have to so we can be refunded all monies that this company and it’s “Attorneys” have literally stolen.Even better that all phone communications WERE recorded! 

      • Beth

        I have also had dealings with Dwain Burch. He told me recently that the attorney account was not working and gave me his personnel bank account to.deposit funds into. I spoke with another rep and they said absolutely not. Not having any luck and it has been 5 mths.

  • Need to know

    Just an FYI to anyone who wants to do a modification, no reputable company will ask for money up front.  IF A COMPANY WANTS MONEY UP FRONT FIND A DIFFERENT COMPANY.  I was also scammed by Estate Law Group, but was able to get almost all my money back except 575.00 but I gave them $2,300.00.  I told them I was going to the police to fill a police report and then I was going to take it to the District Attorney.  It took 2 weeks to get my money back.  I called every day, spoke to different people and wrote all there names down.  I also emailed a note to every person that I spoke to.  

  • Chad Russel

    Notice how the poster says the moneys were deposited into “his” meaning Brian Lewandowski’s account:
    “…Name was Brian Lewandowski, [email protected] He took my ss# and a lot of info then told me I had to directly deposit $3600 into his checking account at Bank of American…”

    a. If the moneys were deposited into Brian’s account then why is this complain about the Estate Law Group?!
    b. We all know that would be impossible for the customer to deposit the money to Brian’s account , but this shows the ill intention of the poster.
    This is shows of a very poor content content quality control for getofdebtguy audience due to such a obvious inaccuracy.

    Please ask the writer for explanation and until then remove this post.

    Thank you

  • Pearljam_19

    ESTATE LAW GROUP is a Scam and they are very unprofessional DO NOT DO BUSINESS with them. They try to over talk you as well as cut you off. They put words in your mouth also.Then if you are having issues with your home just as the Danile typed down there they say your irressponsible about paying your mortgage. They are not attorneys they have attorneys on hand to help them review the file. Thats why they get away with this nonsense.

    • [email protected]

      Unfortunately I was also scammed by Estate Law Group. I paid them 2000.00 dollars as a retainer. I gave them all the information they asked for. Never heard from them again until I made 12 phone calls to them and finally got to talk to someone who knew nothing about my case. He promised me someone would call back , never received a call. After a few more calls got someone but now they tell me it’s too late to save my house! Signed homeless in Mass.

      • Jus4di41

        So sorry Baxter_54 to hear that you loss your home that you put your trust in these loosers. I wish that you could sue them. What the devil stole, God will turn it around for good. God bless you.

  • J.W.

    I received a letter from these people as well about saving my mortgage. I called yesterday and spoke to a guy named “Daniel Jones”. He wants me to send him all this personal and financial information and the whole thing sounds really shady that’s why I searched their company name. Glad I did because there is no way I’m going through with this. Too many scams out there today, these people need to get a real job and get a life. People are struggling to make ends meet and not lose their homes, the last thing they need is lowlifes like this ripping them off.

    • Djones

      This is Daniel Jones, I am gathering personal information to see if you fit into the program. How is that a scam? You have not paid your mortgage for how long? I’m trying to help homeowners save their homes. These are services offered by an attorney backed company because the banks aren’t forthright with their borrowers. I’m thinking this is T.R., rather that J.W. I will stand up for my company and my service to homeowners. Every business in the world has complaints, even Disneyland. I give a great service for a better fee. This is not a scam. I am insulted. 

      • DiPan

        I went with an “attorney backed company” and was scammed out of $2500….they to insisted they were legitimate. I never received my money back nor did they ever send any information to my bank. The FBI has since closed them down.

      • Jus4di41

        I received something in the mail today 08/30/12, if we can be approved in 24-48 hours, how come the possible fees be told up front before you give your personal information over the phone?

    • Djones

      Call me direct 949/202-4529. Show where I or my company is a scam? I have seen nothing but success for the homeowner here.

      • D.J.

        This message is for  J.W. and others…
        Regarding “I received a letter from these people as well about saving my mortgage. I called yesterday and spoke to a guy named “Daniel Jones”. He wants me to send him all this personal and financial information and the whole thing sounds really shady that’s why I searched their company name. Glad I did because there is no way I’m going through with this.”

        Your own bank would have asked you for the same documents. The documents requested are required to verify the information you provided is accurate. All banks and mortgage company would require the same information from you. You are letting the fear factor take hold of you. There is no way around not providing your personal information if you are seeking a loan restructure. It’s just like seeking a mortgage loan, you must documents certain information prior to approval. 

      • mishna murdy


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