Is Elite Legal Group, Elite Financial Solutions, Elite Financial, or Elite Financial Real Estate Services a Scam?

“Dear Steve,

I received a letter in the mail that seems exactly like the mailer one of your posters described from another one of your posts.

I called the number on the letter and spoke with a man named Art Tores, he also said his name was Arturo Tores who explained to me that his company Elite Financial Solutions could renegotiate my mortgage with Bank of America and save me five hundred dollars on my payment.

My wife and I have had a very hard time making our payments lately so we thought we would give this a try. We sent a check to 15866 Imperial Highway, La Mirada CA. 90638. The problem is we have called our bank and they have never heard of this company, and said that they have not received anything regarding our modification.

After some research we were told that it is illegal for Elite Financial Solutions, also known as Elite Legal Group/Elite Financial and also Elite Financial Real Estate Services to even take any advance fees for a loan med ication.

I was able to get a hold of someone at the eight hundred number, since their website is now down, who actually told me his wife Claudia Flores owned the company and it is registered either in Los Angeles county, or Riverside County. Can you tell me what I should do to get my money back from this scammer. We have recently received a notice of sale date from the bank so we are desperate for your help. Thank You in advance for your help Steve.

Is Elite Legal Group/ Elite Financial Solutions/ Elite Financial/Elite Financial Real Estate Services a scam? How can I get my money back from Arturo Torres or Claudia Flores?”

Apparently you live in California and it is not permitted to charge in advance for modification help. I would suggest you follow this refund guide I wrote, step-by-step. It is probably your best shot.

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Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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25 thoughts on “Is Elite Legal Group, Elite Financial Solutions, Elite Financial, or Elite Financial Real Estate Services a Scam?”

  1. Has anyone had any luck in small claims court to get fees paid? If so what legal group did you use. I am out of state so can not be there to represent myself.

  2. Now that we have taken this blog as far as it can really go and there has no new light that has been shed on anything, I wanted to let people know that this was a hoax blog.  I wanted to show everyone what crazy stuff can happen here without the proper knowledge, background, research of who these people are and what the situation really is. I agree that there is a time and place for a service, but one that will get the proper information before allowing a blog, such as this, from getting out of hand.  Blogs like these, if taken out of context, can literally ruin an innocent persons career and effect the lives of not only them, but their children, homes, businesses, etc. 

    There is a proper way to report problems and situations with a company that you are dealing with. First, you will report issues to your LOCAL police department. Give them all the information you have including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Once they determine that there is a suspicion of fraud, they will contact the law enforcement agency of the city the business is located. Let them do their job. Next thing is to wait for their response, sometimes there is a logical explanation of what has happened and things can move on in a positive direction without injuring them, their company or your case file. Lastly, if there is fraud suspected, the detective will let you know the proper way to file a grievance against the company and their attorney through the state bar association.

    As with everything you read or do in life, you have an opportunity to make a choice and believe what you want to believe. Wikipedia is a prime example of a great idea for people in the world to compile real life examples of subjects; however, you must correctly cite your research and have someone backing your idea that has been published. Wikipedia is constantly going through and looking for those items that are not cited and noting those things, letting people know that this may not be a fact, just an opinion. That, is what is necessary with online accusations or asking the opinions of someone online whom you are not familiar or does not have the backing or credentials to warrant such opinions. Anyone can start a blog, just like anyone can place a picture on the internet of a good looking guy or woman and state that is them…but is it really? We have all heard horror stories correct?

    I know for a fact that Arturo, his wife Claudia, Tim, Derek and anyone else mentioned in this blog are in no way at odds with each other. They are all working hard with their particular businesses and flourishing. They would never place themselves in harm’s way unless it was for a good cause…this being it. They wanted everyone to know that you must take the proper steps to ensure your financial safety and trust your judgement. There are a lot of legitimate companies out there that work hard for you.  Sometimes it takes a little longer to make your file work because several other people are involved including: bank employees, bank attorneys, lending institutions and their employees, etc etc etc. Millions of people are trying to use the government programs that you yourself are requesting, so stay in touch with your case worker and be patient. One last thing, be wary of companies that offer no percentage of return if your file does not go through. They have to put in time so some form of compensation may have to be accepted, but to lose everything you have invested in trying to get a modification? That’s not right. 

    • What is your basis for saying this is a hoax?

      Can you address the original issue of advanced fees being charged?

      According to the California Department of Justice site at http://oag.ca.gov/consumers/loan-modification/ there is no registration on file as a foreclosure consultant for:

      Elite Legal Group
      Elite Financial Solutions
      Elite Financial
      Elite Financial Real Estate Services

      Please help me to understand why they are not registered in California and appear to collect advanced fees.

      And according to the California Attorney General office the appropriate resources for filing complaints against mortgage and foreclosure consultants in California is to file complaints with the following sites:





      And, “You may also wish to consider filing a Small Claims Court action. These are informal courts where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively by a judge. You can recover up to $10,000 in Small Claims Court. You represent yourself and can request a judgment for monetary damages.”

    • i really dont think people that rely on this guy for help are smart enough to realize all this blog is about is click through dollars for the owner.The sad thing is some people that post have real problems and might have gotten scammed however this illiterate guy Art torez obviouselly has a personal problem with an ex employee and has used this as his personal forum….pretty lame if u ask me!

    • Steve,
      I have left several message for Derek Reyes who has handled my process since January. The last contact I had with him was mid May and I also left a message for Tim Dipies Ballad today. They seem to change their company name like I wash hands. Is this company legit?

  3. Elite Financial Services is in Massachusett and I don’t think it is connected with the ones in Fl or CA.   They did a debt settlement for us and saved us some money.  Their fees were VERY HIGH but they did complete the settlement in about 4 months as promised.

  4. https://getoutofdebt.org//31465/is-the-prudential-law-group-in-california-legitimate-or-a-scam interesting thing I found here.Tim Depies also worked at this company. Derek I heard goes to company to company collecting as much money as he can and leaves with out doing anything. I’m assuming this whole thing was his pitch to bring down the company because he didn’t get paid. For one.. why would someone that can’t do his own job get paid? I still don’t understand how they hired or put up with that guy. Him and Derek are now partners apparently. They own http://www.libertylegalprocessing.com. Please check it out Steve. Give people your expert opinion. 

  5. Oh and that Derek Reyes guy sketchiest person ever. Besides the point that he never got crap done. Took him a few months before even closing a case. Horrible just horrible. 

  6. This is from tim depies and Derek reyes who also work on that company and now they trying to bring down that company…Tim depies was the partner Derek reyes was the ..processor

      • Because those former employees/partners surely want to get rid some of the competition. Why not attack a company they know so much about? 

          • They have a office in Huntington beach last time I heard. Constantly changing the name. Not quite sure if they are actually doing it from the book or actually giving people what they promise. I can’t say, because I have no clue how that office runs. All I know is that they have a lousy processor. I’ll try looking more into it. 

    • Just so you know Steve….Totosup is actually Arturo Torres.  He sent me an email from there once by accident.

        • Unmasked is neither person you mentioned Arturo (totosup). Can’t believe you are saying some of the things you are about ex-employees. I’m thinking that you could be sued for Libel. Steve, if you hear from either one of those gentlemen that Arturo mentioned, Tim or Derek, please let me know and I will get their contact information and send them the email showing his name (Arturo Torres) and the email address all on one page. That should stop someone like that from trying to harm others. 

          • Hey Tim, Frank and Derek stop unsmask your selfs what’s wrong with you guys and tell your partner stop screwing people no wonder you got fired from prudential please let us know Who you are you keep replying to this add and yes is me Arturo…there your turn Unmask your self coward…

  7. Same exact thing happened to me, but I didn’t get a letter I got a call from them. Not quite sure who they were, but I decided to go along with it. They did take forever to get back to me that’s for sure, but after three weeks of nagging them.. They actually came through. My houses interest rate went from 7% to 3% Set. They do make you sweat, but the results were awesome. So I guess it is a bit risky, but i’m just letting you know they came through for me. 

    • well after the three weeks I got a letter from the bank and that’s when I knew they were actually on top of things. Make sure to keep calling them! Good luck!


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