Is Remedy Law the Same as Prudent Law with Pamela Gerber Gressier? – Karen

“Dear Steve,

I got a mailer from a firm today and called they were Remedy Law and i look at the website www.remedylaw.org and there attorney is the same as Prudent Law Pamela Gresser Gerber?? They wanhis firm wanted to charge us 4195.00 to do a loan refinance under the Harp 2 Program that is not legal Correct?? This firm is Prudent Law when i asked there location i was told 4500 Campus Newport Beach ca 92628 Suit 234 that was Prudent Law and before that was novation law center. What kind of scam are they pushing here???


Dear Karen,

Thank you for submitting your information. I took a look at Remedy Law. And you are correct. The attorney listed is Pamela Gerber, who has also gone by Pamela Stacey Gerber-Gressier. – Source

the RemedyLaw.org website is a relatively new registration. Public records state it was registered on April 12, 2012 and was only registered for one year. The domain ownership is hidden so we have no idea who the owner is.

A search of State of California records with the Secretary of State could find no company registered to do business in California under the name Remedy Law.

The company does claim to be located at 4533 MacArthur Blvd., Newport Beach, CA 92660. – Source. But they fail to list a suite number on their site. That address was also used by State Law Group.

The address they gave you was 4500 Campus Drive, #234, Newport Beach, CA. That building is below. This consumer complaint said that Prudent Law was located at the same street address. And the attorney you named with affiliated with that firm as well.

Bottom line, before you pay anyone to performa loan modification for you there are some free steps you should take first. You can talk to a free HUD Housing Counselor to investigate your options and you can talk directly to your lender to see what, if any, programs they have available.

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12 thoughts on “Is Remedy Law the Same as Prudent Law with Pamela Gerber Gressier? – Karen”

  1. Remedy is the same company and they know what they are doing they saved my brother’s house in Colorado.  This is a very good company that actually gets loan modifications done.
    You can trust them with your home and your money.  THAT IS A FACT. GOD BLESS

    • Remedy is a scam pure and simple!!!!! They take your money, ,promise they will work with the banks and have your modification in 45-60 days!!! What a joke. They do NOTHING. They change their names, addresses, phone numbers and faxes and when they have a sense that people are catching on to them all of a sudden the lines go dead on everything !!!! Because of their shady practices many homeowners find their selves in foreclosure. And these yahoo’s who have taken the money tell people they can get them out of foreclosure. Not true, unless they are licensed Attorney’s for the state they are helping you in they can do NOTHING. Not only that I challenge just one of these con’s to show their face and their law license. It won’t happen, because they are not legal and they know it. Whenever you have to use drop boxes, different phone numbers that get disconnected when the heat is on, different faxes, different names, and you never get a straight answer as to where they are located, something is wrong. They are hooked into secured processing and consumer debt….some of you that went for this scam as we did got suckered into consolidating all your debt, because it would look better for the mortgage modification. What a laugh. I have found out through very good sources that all of this is true and they are all interconnected. I would say call your banks and talk to them and explain what has happened. With any luck hopefully all of us will be able to save our homes, and do all we can to make sure the justice system works to bring complete and full conviction to all of these people.

  2. I use to work for remedy law I quit after 3 weeks, What I discovered was terrible. Remedy law in Newport is nothing more than a scam. Taking peoples money and giving them nothing, totally illegal what there doing. Then i even heard there managers like Jim are all excons, well I quit. Please dont do business with these thiefs

  3. This company is slick, they send the mailers to people who inquire about loan modifications with the bank (public record) and people think it is the bank replying to their initial inquiry. What a scam. Prudent law , novation law, and now remedy law? Bbb “f” rating and pamela gressier…pamela gerber or is it pamela gerber gressier, not only does the company change names as the complaints rack up, but the lawyers name too? Beware

  4. thank you Steve, my wife and I almost signed a contract with Remedy Law group for over 4,000.00. dollars. We need help, and good sound advise. can you help us. Any one?

      • Thanks Steve we almost signed a contract for 4195.00 for them to do the job of a loan refinance and they wanted all the fees up front. We knew this was not correct I even called
        A local attorney and he told me to not do it at all until we research them and get the full snap shot of who they are and how they can help. When we spoke to Calvin he was a fast talking smooth selling guy but when I asked to speak to the lawyer at the form he locked up and did not return calls and stopped emailing. Steve this company is a scam and we knew it keep up
        The good work and I hope they are shut down.

    • John, HARP is a refinance program through the government.  Although there are escrow, title and underwriting fees at the close of escrow, but never an upfront fee.  Please let me know if you need further information.  I personally know a reputable company in Los Angeles that is authorized to put these loans through.  With HARP, you have to be current on your mortgage in the last 12 months and your last loan must have closed prior to May 31, 2009.  

      • Jesus how can these companies keep scamming home owners out of money a law firm is not allowed to collect any advanced fees for any Mortgage Relief service. Not only that Remedy Law does not have a attorney in all states they must have one. A out of state can’t practice law with our being in that state. You must have a office and a lawyer in state and have a interview with the lawyer and they still can’t collect any advanced fees period until the loan mod Is done and you the client accept the terms. Remedy Law is the old Prudent Law Group
        and they are not legal and do not have licensed attorneys in states out side California I researched it this firm uses a deceptive way of drawing clients in and quoting 2% rates and payments that are 40-75% lower then your current payment then they ask for 4195.00 Then you lose your money and your home.

  5. Karen, are you looking into the Home Affordable Refinance or Modification Program?  To refinance into HARP 2.0, you need to be current on your mortgage payments, no late in the last 12 months.  Whereas, with HAMP, you need to be late on your mortgage payments to qualify.  There are guidelines for the HARP and you should not have to pay any money upfront to do it.  If you need assistance, please let me know.  I may be able to refer you.


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