I’m a Single Mom and Pregnant With My Second Child. Need Financial Advice. – Melody

I’m a single mom and currently pregnant with my second I had to put my traffic fines and student loan aside because I am not working and untill I can start a new job I only have 300$ a month from assitance to pay anything they suspended my licence also…

Can I work with these people to bring down my payments? Or fines?

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  1. The options you have for lower payment or deferral under student loans depend the rules of which loan program you are under. You’ll need to find out whether you have a federal loan or private loan or a mix of both, and then that answer will be easier to research.

  2. It never hurts to call and see what you can negotiate. I came across a website that may give you some information about how to handle your student loan debt. I hope this helps.

  3. Traffic fines and payment plans can be negotiated with the court for the most part. Give a call to work something out, the last thing you need is a warrant out for fines if you are pregnant

  4. Milton from Complete Debt Solutions here, If you can please post your total debt and I give you a rough idea how much you can settle for. From the look of things they can write this debt off if you prepare you financial assessment well. When you reply I will post in detail the things you need to fill and forward to your creditors.

  5. You might be able to negotiate a payment schedule but that requires the ability to make the agreed upon payments. It is probably worse to agree to a payment schedule and then miss the payments than to do nothing. With $300 a month income and a baby coming you aren’t likely to make a lot of loan payments.

     Still, you should notify your lenders of your current situation and discuss your options. Student loans often present opportunities such as deferment and income based repayment plans that might keep you from default. Your traffic fines may not present the same opportunity and may have more immediate consequences (as you have already seen). Express your desire to make good on all loans and keep the lenders informed of your job and income status.

    Debt repayment is often a long process and the key is perseverance. Stay with it.

    Good Luck!


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