I’m a Marine Corps Officer Waiting for Basic School With Student Loan Debt. – John

“Dear Steve,

Marine 2nd Lt. awaiting orders for The Basic School, wont be able to pay loans after grace initial grace period passes

I was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the Marine Corps shortly after graduating college with an engineering degree. I volunteered to serve and owe the government nothing for joining (didn’t do ROTC or anything like that). As a result, i have been left with substantial debt from my school loans, all of which are federal loans.

Right now in the corps, there is a 12+ month wait to attend The Basic School, its the next step in a newly commissioned marine officer’s career. I don’t start getting paid until i report to TBS. So that’s a 12 month wait, with no job, but the grace period is only 6 months. Hence my situation. I have a part time job (no one would hire an engineer full time on the basis i would leave on a moments notice). That part time job job barely pays for my basic living costs. I have no idea what to do. People say I can deffer my payments, but i don’t know how to start that.

What are some ways to lessen my loans?

Are there any post-college scholarships or grants available to me? Or programs that help marines with college debt?

Thanks, anything helps

Semper Fi

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Dear John,

Thank you for serving as a U.S. Marine. Semper Fi indeed.

I actually need some additional information first.

Are these student loans private loans or government backed loans?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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