My Problem is With Mitchell Stein and Kramer-Kaslow. – Char

“Dear Steve,

My problem is I paid Mitchell Stein, Kramer-Kaslow $6000.00 to help me with my financial situation. I was never told the truth from the beginning (foreclosure?). I still have the papers from Mitchel Stein, I had talked to someone about where is my copy of Kramer signing it since it switched hands. As soon as they zapped the 6000 out of my accounts, the lies and manipulation began. No one returned my phone calls or emails except one person emailed me up to recently still pretending to make me think there was still a lawsuit. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Phillip Kramer has never done anything for me. I have left 100’s of messages. I know my legal rights and what they have done is fraud. Now I am out of my money for nothing. They took advantage of a newly divorced woman who already lost money to her ex-husband and I am STILL standing in line every week at the food pantry.

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The K-2 law mass joinder is a scam. Where do they get off saying on the retention agreement, ‘we will have a LONGSTANDING, SUCCESSFUL, HONORABLE AND REWARDING RELATIONSHIP’ when they have made no contact with me and lied to me since day one? This alone makes their agreement null and void. So please just help me get my full refund back as soon as possible. ALL 6000 OF IT! Then I will consider this matter resolved.


Dear Char,

I almost don’t know what to say. I’m not sure how you missed the entire event of the entities getting their offices raided by the California Department of Justice, the attorneys disbarred and Kramer filing bankruptcy.

I’m afraid everything was seized and you will now have to turn to the California Bar and see if you might be eligible for a refund under the client security fund.

This fund was designed to reimburse for attorney theft or an act equivalent to theft. In order for your claim to be considered, you must establish that the money or property you are seeking to have reimbursed actually came into the hands of the attorney and was wrongfully retained by the attorney. You may not claim and will not be paid interest on any money you claim to have lost. You also may not claim and will not be paid any inci- dental or consequential losses or expenses caused by the attorney. Examples of inciden- tal or consequential losses would include fees you paid another attorney or damages caused by malpractice, negligence or incompetence.

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3 thoughts on “My Problem is With Mitchell Stein and Kramer-Kaslow. – Char”

  1. I wonder if Philip Kramer’s money is in Europe and the Cayman Islands like the one and only crook that actually calls himself a dog, Mitchell Stein. Only the names of the companies have changed. It is the same players screwing over homeowners.

    If the former California Attorney General, Bill Lockyer, wasn’t receiving so much contribution from Mitchell Stein and his gang of thieves then maybe he would had been charged criminally years ago. It is hard to for an attorney general to call someone a fraud and sue them when that fraud contributed to your campaigns. Instead, Lockyer appointed Stein’s wife to a committee hence the name Hampton. Lockyer left the Attorney General’s office and it paved the way for a fraud to be busted.


    It’s hard for a federal agency to go after someone who flaunts around with tales of how a former president was at his house in Hidden Hills, California. A new democratic president comes along and doesn’t give a flip who a Mitchell Stein knows so here comes the federal charges.


  2. Dear Steve,
    I am very busy.  I was lead to believe that things were still working up to my best interest from one of the sales people 2 months ago.  Then I started digging around the internet.   Now I am pissed off for being such a fool.  I printed the client security fund application.  My question is they drafted the money out of my checking account so as long as I copy my bank statements that should be enough proof since it does says k2 law a long side the debit?  I do hope you can help me and for some reason I never see my money again, I am still sending the positive out to the universe. Thank you … Char


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