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We Filed Bankruptcy And Saved Our Home and Car. How Do We Rebuild Our Credit? – Annie

“Dear Steve,

We wrote in earlier about debt settlement. We were saved from paying money to a scam operation, thank you. We did end up filing bankruptcy. My question is about our home payment and whether it is getting reported to credit agencies.

Thank you for your help on this forum! I declared bankruptcy but chose to keep the house which I am still paying for with a mortgage. This debt was reaffirmed. Does the mortgage company report our mortgage payments to the credit agencies?

I just found out that auto companies do not report payments if you have reaffirmed the debt. Is this correct?


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Dear Annie,

There is no requirement for any lender to report any account to any credit bureau. The only requirement is that if they do report that they report information accurately.

The best way to check on who is reporting would be to get a consolidated credit report and take a look. But now that you’ve made it through the bankruptcy process the best way to build your credit up quickly will be to follow this ridiculously easy process. Read this free guide.

If you follow the advice in the guide you’ll have the best chance of boosting your credit score quickly.

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