Lloyd Regner, The Debt Answer and Best Debt Options Allegedly Fire Back to Lloyd Ward

Yesterday I published an email that was purportedly sent out by Lloyd Ward from Lloyd Ward and Associates that warned people about Lloyd Regner and stated Regner was allegedly doing all sorts of illegal stuff and stealing clients from Ward.

In response to that email from Ward, Regner allegedly sent out the following email to his clients that got the Ward email.

The Alleged Lloyd Regner Email

> “customerservice@thedebtanswer.com”
> Date: Jun 22, 2012 12:13:39 AM
> Subject: Important Information about your Debt Settlement Program
> Dear Valued Client,
> You have likely received word from Lloyd Ward that we (The Debt Answer/Best Debt Options) are no longer using Lloyd Ward & Associates to assist in servicing our customers. TDA/BDO will continue to provide you with the service it agreed to provide you when you enrolled in our program. You are our customer and we value you.
> Please disregard Mr. Ward’s communications. Mr. Ward would like you to change providers to his law firm so that TDA/BDO and the representatives with whom you have worked are no longer involved in working on your debt settlement. TDA/BDO made an agreement with you when you enrolled and we intend to continue to provide excellent service. Mr. Ward would like you to sign a brand new agreement and to work with new representatives, unfamiliar with you, so that Mr. Ward can earn a fee. We wish Mr. Ward well in his new endeavors. However, we want to be very clear with you that TDA/BDO serviced your debt settlement long before Mr. Ward’s name was involved and will continue to provide excellent service long after.
> We take exception to Mr. Ward’s attempts to trick our valued customers and are addressing the issue with Mr. Ward. Unlike Mr. Ward, we believe that those issues that we have with Mr. Ward should not distract you from doing everything you need to do to complete your debt settlement.
> If you have any questions please contact us directly at 800-899-9003 or feel free to email us at customerservice@thedebtanswer.com.

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Additional rumors and tips are coming in and I am told that we should expect some big news soon on these matters. The tipster (send in your tips here)s contacting me are doing a great job of keeping us all informed.

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The tipster (send in your tips here)s is wanted to draw our attention that it appears the company Best Debt Options is not a registered company at all. According to State of Texas records there is no company registered to do business under the name “Best Debt Options.” State records also reflect that The Debt Answer, LLC is registered but “Not in Good Standing.”

So to summarize. Ward is allegedly accusing Regner and his companies ABC Debt Relief and the Best Debt Answer of stealing Ward’s clients. Ward claims his actions are taken by the Lloyd Ward Group, which interestingly Regner was part owner of allegedly. – Source

Ward also allegedly accuses Regner of accessing client records without permission.

Regner returns fire with an alleged email that accuses Ward of trying to steal Regner’s debt settlement clients.

Here is What You Can Do Right Now

If any client of any entity feels they are worried and needs to try and find a safer harbor, you might want to read the process I’ve previously written about how to get out of a debt relief program.

You should not hesitate to contact both parties, Regner and Ward, and ask their offices directly for answers and reassurances in writing that your information and funds are secure and that your debt settlement program is proceeding as planned.

Also, I would suggest that you contact the escrow company, Global Client Solutions and ask if the ownership and access to your client funds has been changed at all in the past year. It’s your money and you need to confirm who has access to it besides you.

Best advice to all involved, start documenting everything because this is going to get messy.

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