I’ve Been Kicked Out of Medical School With All My Debt But No Degree. – AJ

“Dear Steve,

I was admitted in to a medical school and it has been a hard time for me because family and personal issues beyond my control has taken place. My school is currently under a lot of scrutiny and investigation. This year, there were a tremendous number of extenuating circumstances and even though my grades had increased, my school chose to dismiss me. I have ~$200,000 of debt and no means of paying it especially because they took away the career option that would have helped pay it off. I had and still have the support of many of my faculty members and hence I have suspicion regarding the appeals process credibility.

I have a tremendous amount of debt, misguided advice from the institution and no degree. With such a debt and dismissal on my record I am unable to continue in a successful path to another program and unable to pay it off.

I dont think I should pay 200,000 for a degree that I was never able to receive. I want to file for hardship and have my loans forgiven because my time there has not been beneficial nor fruitful. I have some other details I am leaving out but I was wondering if anyone can contact me by email so I can share my phone number and can give a more detailed description of what has happened?

I am terribly lost and several faculty members have advised me to seek out legal advice. But every legal aid I have called doesn’t deal with education law. Can you pelase help me?


Dear AJ,

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I’m so sorry to hear that you found yourself in this situation. It’s a tough spot for sure.

Are these loans private or government subsidized loans?

Do you have some sort of permanent disability that underlies this situation?

Also, your statement that you need legal advice, is that in relation to your loans or to some sort of discrimination you feel you have experienced from the school?

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The debt versus degree argument is tough. It’s the gamble that school creates. Until you graduate all you have is the debt. There is no guarantee for any student of a degree or diploma. In fact 75 percent of people with student loan debt never graduated.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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