I Was Contacted by The National Advocacy Law Center But Can’t Speak to Attorney. – Tommy

“Dear Steve,

I live in new jersey and we had been contacted by national advocacy law center regarding loan modification help I’m very distressed over the fact they won’t allow us to speak to the attorney in our state or tell us who it is. They told me until I send in all my info such as mortgage statement & pay stubs and complete a preevaluation we are not able to speak with the lawyer. If the attorney decides to take our case they will call us so this sounds very suspicious

And was a huge turn off. We have seen some bad reviews online and we need help with our loan but I’m doubting these law firms who charge up front fees.

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Dear Tommy,

That is very strange, especially since allegedly you would be hiring an attorney to represent you. Sounds like you are being filtered by a sales outfit rather than communicating with a law office.

Much of the loan modification process you can do yourself. See below.

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