Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy Was Macey Bankruptcy Law Was Legal Helpers. Paranoid. – Brian

“Dear Steve,

I am a little concerned by the bankruptcy law firm that I have hired to pursue my bankruptcy. My wife and I hired Legal Helpers PC due to the ability to pay a minimal up front cost ($100) and be able to make payments until the bankruptcy was paid and could be filed.

At this point, all we owe on our account is the final filing fee and some documentation of income. We found out, approximately 6 months ago, that Legal Helpers PC had made a name change to Macey Bankruptcy Law without us being notified.

Just today, when I typed in www.legalhelpers.com to go log into my account, I found their name had changed again to Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy, again with NO notification of the name change. As I rummage through my papers that we had signed with them, I noticed the automatic bill payment enrollment form that we had signed to make our payments with, states the name of “Macey & Aleman” on the top of the page, not Legal Helpers, n ot Macey Bankruptcy, and not Jacoby & Meyers. Is this something I should be worried about, or am I just being paranoid?


Dear Brian,

Your concerns are valid. You should talk to the now Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy company and I’d ask for a statement in writing they are assuming all responsibility for your past account and current account under the terms of your agreement with Legal Helpers, PC.

It does become an interesting question who actually has access to your money since, as you say, the debits are being made by an entity that you did not contract with and that was two or three names changes ago.

I’m not suggesting there is any sort of scam or fraud you need to be paranoid about. What I am suggesting is there appears to be a sufficient lack of clarity of the chain of responsibility for your account and who has the authority to debit your bank account.

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Try to get a straight answer out of them and update me with the response. Feel free to send them the link to this post and maybe they will comment to help clear up this issue for all.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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5 thoughts on “Jacoby & Meyers Bankruptcy Was Macey Bankruptcy Law Was Legal Helpers. Paranoid. – Brian”

  1. This is a game law firms opening offices across the country collecting fees then running. I have experienced the same scam . I am currently contacting the Illinois state bar to report misconduct on the firm. Hopefully, this will create some settlements on this con game.

  2. Truly, I’m as
    concern as you are Brain, I was registered with Macey Law Firm in New Jersey
    and like you I was paying down what was owe to initiate the case. However, for a few months I’d stopped
    automatic payments and when I was ready to resume payments I was told I will
    receive a refund. When I called to understand the reason why I wouldn’t be able
    to resume payments then I was they don’t have any more Attorneys representing
    New Jersey. Then, back in November 18 of 2013, I was told to fax some sort of
    letter of cancellation to a Vincent I. De Leon Jacoby
    & Meyers – Bankruptcy, LLP Macey Bankruptcy Law, P.C.233 S Wacker Drive,
    Suite 5150, Chicago, IL 60606v: 312.753.7716|
    f: 312.753.7737. He did inform me that
    I will receive a refund in thirty days from the time they received my faxed
    cancellation letter and including weekends. Therefore, I was expecting a check
    around the 20th of December and there was no check. So, I waiting
    until the second week of the January of 2014, and then I were told by another
    associate this process normally takes 30 to 45 days but including the weekends
    this time. Well, this Saturday will be actually 45 days not including the weekends
    and 60 days including the weekends and at this time no one has return any of my
    calls or emails. My guess is these independent offices did not
    handle the funds correctly and Jacoby & Meyers are sorting through or
    waiting for insurance claims to go through to refund people their money or
    still represent clients from existing offices.

  3. I also filed for bankruptcy through Jacoby and myers. I also paid in full.it was brought to my attention that they filed for bankruptcy. I lost every cent I paid them.and they referred me and my case to another firm where I need to start over. I was never notified of any of this. No letters , no emails, nothing found out through a friend.

  4. I finally talk to someone after being on hold for a while
    the person was very nice and explained everything to me that they are putting staff in place and they should be up and running by Monday
    I gave her my record number she read everything to me regarding the money I have paid and what I’m doing, she informed me of all the files I have and assured me everything is ok.
    I will give them the time they need
    I did read up on Jacoby & Meyers they have a good track record and believe in giving affordable good legal service.

  5. It seems as though they are trying to hide all of their past mistakes.   While the actual management has not changed, neither have the practices (just the name).  If you want real answers as to whom this company is and what type of individuals they employ to handle a serious issue such as bankruptcy, I suggest that you Google Legal Helpers and Macey Bankruptcy Law reviews.  While they are not actually affiliated with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, the fact that they are under the same umbrella of partner/ownership should be enough to scare people away from future business.


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