Killer iPhone App Delivers Free Credit Score and Credit Monitoring

The folks over at Credit Karma have been busy little bees. I’ve been a fan of their free credit score and credit score modeling tool and mentioned them on the site. But now they’ve outdone themselves with their new iPhone app.

The app is free to download and delivers a ton of useful information, except for the credit score modeling tool. Regardless, users can get their credit score for free using the app and also monitor their credit history. An exceptional access to critical financial information.

Credit Karma says the app is the first and only way to get a free credit score and free credit monitoring on-the-go. Certainly this will be an out of the park smash success and others may follow with their own apps.

In addition to receiving a free credit score, Credit Karma Mobile users may also register for free credit monitoring and receive notifications when certain events are reported in their credit report. This service is unique to CreditKarma.com and has never been offered before in an app. Credit monitoring services help consumers monitor and identify possible fraud. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics an estimated 8.6 million households had at least one person in their family who was a victim of identity theft in 2010.

“We believe free access to one’s credit score is a fundamental consumer right. Our iPhone app takes that belief one step further, allowing consumers to access their credit score at any time, no matter where they are. We think these are important free features in an environment of increased reliance on credit and possible identity theft,” said Ken Lin, founder and CEO of CreditKarma.com.

I don’t usually gush all over a new product but this new app is really well put together and can serve as a critical free tool for those that are focused on monitoring and making sure their credit score is moving in the right direction.

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