I’m Back Visiting Dubai and a Lawyer Called About an Old Debt. Should I Leave the UAE?

“Dear Steve,

I used to live in dubai and i have a loan its been now 3 years i didnt hear from the bank now i live in the us and i am visiting my country for 3 months out of nowhere i got a call from a lawyer here and told me that i have to pay the amount full or they do their arrangment, I am supposed to go back to the US in 2 week but now I am worried they will stop at the airport since they are asking me to pay the amount in full and i cant afford to pay around 10000 usd right away the lawyer told he will try to check with the bank if they will allow me to make some arrangement so i can pay a monthly amount, I still didnt get a reply from him yet.

So my question is what am I supposed to do to make sure that the lawyer in my country is honnest with me and do you advice me to try to leave to the US ASAP or shall i wait another 2 weeks, I am so confused and I really need help.

Thank you”

If you want to make sure you get out of the UAE you can either leave now or wait and hope a criminal case is not filed against you which would prohibit you from leaving and may land you in jail.

Debt issues in Dubai are not treated lightly and consumers have little rights and do regularly wind up in jail over debts.

A third option would be for you to hire a lawyer in Dubai and ask them for advice and representation.

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You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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7 thoughts on “I’m Back Visiting Dubai and a Lawyer Called About an Old Debt. Should I Leave the UAE?”

  1. Hi Steve,I think iam blacklisted as in UAE as i had unpaid credit card in 2 banks in dubai for the amount of 10,000 AED each and one of the banks sent me mail informing me that a police case was set against me and i didnt hear anything from the other bank. now i got a job opportunity in qatar and i am afraid if i got there i will be arrested and send me to dubai. do the gulf area have policy like this? and will i be blacklisted in the whole gulf countries or only UAE? thanks

      • Hi Steve, I am in USA and I am now in the process in hiring a lawyer about my debt in Dubai! I decided to do so because the amounts keeps increasing and I am afraid it will end up to 500K I am don’t have a job but this is turning ridiculous really! Do you think the lawyer will help me settle with the banks for waaaaaaay tooo low of the original amount! My lawyer told me there is no cases against me in the UAE but he will be contacting the banks. What would you advice me please???

          • Thank you for your reply Steve,
            For the time being I have no plans nor interest in returning to Dubai or any GCC.
            The collection agencies that are harassing me sent me and email that they can harm me and they have all my family’s names and addresses and they will contact all of them and harass them as well. They will also contact the US immigration and the authorities in Morocco (My home country) where I can be jailed for bounced cheque!
            I am a legal resident and I will be applying soon for citizenship, I don’t want any of this to ruin my future plans.

          • Well you are really left with a few options. You can pay the debt in full, you can try to negotiate a settlement for less than you owe, or you can ignore it and let them threaten.

            I have not heard about any Dubai debt being successfully collected in the U.S. The debt does not appear on your U.S. credit report, I’m nearly certain of that (never seen it happen), and if you can’t pay well then you can’t pay.

            Welcome to America and congratulations on becoming a citizen.

            I think you’ll just have to let your family know to ignore the threats. It’s not their debt but yours as you say.

            It seems based on the information you’ve given, a reasonable plan of action is to do nothing.

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