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I Was Working With World Law and My Creditor Took Me to Court. – Jeanette

“Dear Steve,

Steve, I also asked Damon this because he responded to my post. Background: you submitted my complaint against World Law this afternoon – thank you. And thank you for the guidance you have provided on this website. I followed your advice. I kept the complaint factual instead of just a personal vendetta and since they did not reply by the deadline I gave I have now filed grievances with all the companies you named. Thank you for the links too.

Now my new question. I am at a loss. The creditor that took me to court in July now has a continuance for next Thursday. I can’t make the trip again so it will be instant judgement against me when I don’t show up. I have made repeated offers to the credit union and they have refused all of them. With judgement against me next week the amount gets written off as uncollected debt and then the collection agency comes after me. It goes into my credit report two ways, uncollected debt AND judgement placed against me. Do you know any procedural move that can be done to stop them from getting a judgement?


Dear Jeanette,

Sorry, no. For that you’d need to speak with a local attorney.

I would not be surprised if they did not go for a wage garnishment rather than just let a collection agency deal with it.

You could always consider bankruptcy as a way to terminate the debt(s) and kill any judgment.

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