This Company Said They Can Settle My Debt For Me. – David

“Dear Steve,

Due to divorce, I had a foreclosed mortgage 2 years ago. Was going through a short sale for about a year before the foreclosure. Was relieved on the first. After about 5 months during the short sale process the second lender turned it over to the PMI company. They have sent me letters for about a year. Now I have been contacted by a debt relief company (FTD Financial Services) to settle for what seems like a good deal, 8k on a 44k loan.

Is this a good deal? Should I seek different relief?


Dear David,

What concerns me from the start is it appears FTD Financial Services does not have a public website. It appears the company is located in Jamaica, New York but the State of New York has no company registered to do business under the name FTD Financial Services.

From what you’ve shared it’s not clear if FTD Financial Services is a debt settlement company or a debt collection company. Can you give me some more details please?

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