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MyPayDayRelief Selling Debt Settlement to American’s But Not Located in America

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader posted a consumer complaint about and claimed the company is actually located in the Philippines. Interesting accusation.

While there have been other posts about on the site and in Is a Scam? – Helen I did raise a concern the company did not disclose where they were located.

Looking at the site gives the impression the debt settlement company is selling debt relief services as a U.S. company. But after closer inspection, the site actually never does disclose where they are located. – Source. They don’t even say anything about their location on the About Us page either. – Source

The reader suggested the company is located in Malate, Manila, Philippines. However the address provided is a bit confusing. But if I clean it up just a bit it looks like it should be:

3rd Floor
Forex Bldg
1963 San Marcelino cor. Quinno Avenue, Malate
Manila , Philippines 1004

This might be the actual building: – Source

An inspection of the website for shows that the server is not located in the U.S. either. It appears to be located in Costa Rica on American Data Networks. – Source

However, one small part of the site does confirm the company is located outside of the U.S. In their terms of use they say:

The arbitration shall be conducted in Manila, Republic of the Philippines, and judgment on the arbitration award may be entered into any court having jurisdiction thereof. Either you or us may seek any interim or preliminary relief from a court of competent jurisdiction in, or with jurisdiction that includes Manila, Republic of the Philippines necessary to protect the rights or property of you and us pending the completion of arbitration. – Source

Now we live in a modern world and around the globe can be as close as around the corner. But in this particular case, if the debt settlement company is located outside of the U.S. not only is it not registered to do business in the U.S., is most likely not licensed, but the personal information and data given over to them is outside of the control of U.S. authorities and regulators.

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And it appears they are not registered to do business in the Philippines either.

Consumers need to be aware of exactly who they are giving their confidential personal and financial information to. In fact, as you can see below, the site asks for a significant amount of personal information.

If you use a company outside of the United States you need to understand you are giving up a significant amount of consumer protection and security. U.S. regulators have no authority out of of U.S. borders and the difficulty in chasing down foreign companies can be problematic. If an issue arises, a consumer could have a very difficult time in even filing suit against the company and recovering any money.

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