Pair of Attorneys Goes After a Number of Debt Relief Companies While Targeting Jeremy Marcus

On January 20, 2017 attorneys Chad Van Horn and Nathan DeLadurantey filed a complaint against Jeremy Marcus, Consumer Protection Counsel, Omni Management Partners, Breeze Financial Solutions, Cockburn & Associates, Instahelp America, Credit Health Plan, Aegis Florida, Aegis Legal Center, 321 Financial, 321 Loans, Gregory Fishman, Debt Be Gone, Otto Berges, Berges Law Group, and Kerr …

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How Do I Cancel My Contract With Cockburn and Associates After Wildfires?

Question: Dear Steve, In August 2015 I signed up for some stupid debt consolidation program with Cockburn and Associates. I owe about $27,000. Due to the wildfires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, I am one of the people who’s jobs are up in the air because of the destruction and uncertainly. I contacted them to explain …

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Law Office of Cockburn and Associates – Consumer Complaint – February 11, 2016

Consumer Complaint Submission

Consumer Statement: I paid 700.00 a month for 13 months to Sheila Cockburn and Associates They were supposed to be a debt relief company. They did nothing for me except steal my money. Now they are probably scaming people using another name. Sheila Cockburn should be in jail she is the ring leader of this …

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Is Canadian Cockburn & Associates Operating Out of New Jersey?

Under the heading of “that’s odd” comes this job posting for a Canadian Lawyer with Debt Settlement Experience. – Source The ad is looking for someone who is licensed in Canada to work for the Law Office of C&A in New Jersey. Now I don’t think it is a far stretch to think the Law …

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Cockburn and Associates – Consumer Complaint – November 11, 2014

Consumer Statement: I contacted Cockburn and Associates for help resolving my credit card issues (2). I followed their guidelines and did what I was instructed, paying 330.00/month. 10 months down the road, after collections calls and mail that were forwarded to them, they did nothing. When I contacted them to see why, they said they …

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