Cockburn & Associates – Consumer Complaint – December 7, 2016

Consumer Statement: I have had no paper work from Cockburns and ass and i have now idea where i stand . I have pay them more than 4000 and nothing Consumer Action Taken: Can’t reach them by phone or e-mail Date This Problem Happened: October 22, 2014 State You Live in: British Columbia Race/Ethnicity: White … Read more

Law Office of Cockburn and Associates – Consumer Complaint – February 11, 2016

Consumer Statement: I paid 700.00 a month for 13 months to Sheila Cockburn and Associates They were supposed to be a debt relief company. They did nothing for me except steal my money. Now they are probably scaming people using another name. Sheila Cockburn should be in jail she is the ring leader of this … Read more

Cockburn & Associates Law Firm – Consumer Complaint – November 8, 2014

Consumer Statement: I was falling behind in my credit cards payments, and decided to look for options. As the internet seems to be one of the best options, I tried it, and I saw Cockburn & Associate law firm. As a canadian, I saw that the company is located in Canada as well, with a … Read more

Cockburn and Associate – Consumer Complaint – October 1, 2013

Consumer Statement: I entered into a Debt Settlement agreement with Silverthorn and Lupolover it was taken over by Cockburn and Associate. I’ve paid them almost $7000 and from my perspective they’ve not negotiated with any of my creditors. In February this year I received a letter from CCI financial Inc offering me a settlement for … Read more

Law Office of Cockburn & Associate – Consumer Complaint – October 26, 2012

Consumer Statement: I received a phone call from my elderly mother yesterday, informing me that she had been contacted by the Law Office of Cockburn & Associate LLP, Debt Settlement about helping her settle her debts. My mother had been pay Cockburn and Associate $300 per month since April 2012 until this month October 2012 … Read more

Cockburn & Associate – Consumer Complaint – 10-17-2012

Consumer Statement: Joined debt solution company Silverthorn & Lupolover for $21,000 in debt for 30 mos., after paying them $465/mon. for 8 mos. one of my creditors filed a judgement and put a lien on my house – Luolover were still saying they could settle it but couldn’t guarantee it – I was not going … Read more