Did Consumer Affairs Legal Center Close Up? – Karen

“Dear Steve,

Hello, my name is Karen and I signed up with Consumer Affairs Legal Center back in 2010 and I am having nothing but trouble trying to contact their company regarding creditor problems.

I have been following this column for a few months after one of my co-workers saw this column and knew that I had signed up with this program. I keep calling their number at 888-438-8110, which is the customer service number I was given and NO ONE is answering. Are their doors closed?

I have tried numerous time to track down Mr. Weikel and the owner of the company, Thomas Lynch, and am reaching a dead end !!

Also, the sales rep that signed me up for the program is no where to be found. I am putting a stop on the bank debits they are doing because I am currently in the process of settling the debts myself after my creditors threatened to sue me and garnish my paychecks.

This has been a nightmare. I think Mr. Weikel and Mr. Lynch need to be accountable for their actions. Can you tell me if any progress has been made in tracking down these people?

After reviewing Mr. Weikel’s response above about how reputable their company is, it was time for me to speak up and hopefully protect other innocent people who were taken by this company.

Do we know if they are still in operation or in prison?


Dear Karen,

I called the number 888-438-8110 and was able to get through. Granted the call was completely frustrating and unbelievable, I did manage to get their customer service hours out of them after a fight for them.

After a bit of a struggle the customer service representative finally said their hours are 9 am to 5 pm pacific time.

Give them a call during these times and post an update in the comments below if you continue to have problems with them.

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Since Consumer Affairs Law Center bills themselves as a California law firm you may want to file a complaint with the State Bar of California and make an application for the recovery money you paid for legal services you never received but paid for, if you are unhappy and can’t resolve the problem with CALC.

See the State Bar of California Client Security Fund for more details.

Additionally, it appears the attorney Thomas A. Moore that is listed as the associated attorney with Consumer Affairs Law Center can be contacted at:

Thomas A. Moore
2770 S Harbor Blvd Ste I
Santa Ana, CA 92704

Phone Number: (949) 207-3300
Fax Number: (650) 887-0402
e-mail: mooretoma@hotmail.com – Source, Source

If you need some guidance on how to ask for a refund, see this guide.


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2 thoughts on “Did Consumer Affairs Legal Center Close Up? – Karen”

  1. Hello Karen, or whatever your name really is. My name is Dale Weikel and I
    the sole owner and current President of Consumer Affairs Processing
    whose name changed from Consumer Affairs “Legal” Center to Consumer
    “Processing” Center back in July 2010 when they started processing
    for Legal
    Helpers Debt Resolution (LHDR). Therefore, Consumer Affairs
    “Legal” Center
    became Consumer Affairs “Processing” Center in July 2010. It
    appears you are
    confusing Consumer Affairs “Legal” Center/Consumer Affairs
    Center with attorney Tom Moore’s Consumer Affairs “Law” Center.

    As I
    mentioned in my previous post, neither LHDR, nor Consumer Affairs
    Center/Consumer Affairs “Processing” Center has a direct
    relationship with
    Consumer Affairs “Law” Center or Thomas Moore, Esq. I knew
    of Mr. Moore from
    previous dealings in the industry, but that is the only

    As I mentioned in my previous post, Consumer Affairs “Legal”
    Affairs “Processing” Center was one of the many
    subcontractors responsible
    for servicing Legal Helpers Debt Resolution (LHDR)
    clients. When LHDR took a
    dive, I cared about the clients enough to refer
    them to several other law
    firms and other professional organizations as a
    “life raft” to properly
    finish their program as originally promised by LHDR.
    One of those law firms
    was Tom Moore’s Consumer Affairs Law Center.

    No consumer ever signed up directly with Consumer Affairs
    Center/Consumer Affairs “Processing” Center as all clients signed
    agreements under the LHDR name, so you could not have been a client.
    you posted the phone number of Consumer Affairs “Law” Center, I looked
    the Secretary of State website and Consumer Affairs “Law” Center
    incorporated in 1-24-2011, so you could not have signed up with them as
    client in 2010. So, who are you really? You’re probably a
    employee from Consumer Affairs Legal Center/Consumer Affairs
    Center. If you are an actual consumer with debt problems, best of
    settling your own debts when creditors merely threaten to sue you or
    your wages. If anybody should be in prison it should be LHDR and not

    • This is a blog that was submitted by a former disgruntled employee I believe and I should have seen this beforehand. This company has had so many different names, you cannot keep them straight:

      Donald • 5 months ago

      Affairs Law Center is the leftover company from a joint venture with
      Legal Helpers Debt Resolution that went haywire. Consumers beware !!! I
      am one of the left over employees that was laid off as they are getting
      ready to close their doors in Orange County and file bankruptcy !!! Do
      your homework and get a bona fide debt settlement attorney, not this
      fake law center. They are not, by the way, listed with the California
      Bar Association. I believe there are about eight employees left there
      cleaning up the mess in Costa Mesa, CA.


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