Is National Remedy Center the Same as Remedy Law? – Kevin

“Dear Steve,

Getting the same advertising from same company that keeps changing their name.

Is National Remedy Center the same company Remedy Center Law Associates and Remedy Law and Remedy Center and Prudent law?


Dear Kevin,

Good question. I sure do enjoy a good investigation. So let’s go.

Here is the information I can share with you and support with the facts and source documents below.

The website for National Remedy Center and a copy of the June 2012 site of Remedy Law certainly appear almost identical. In fact, if you look closely, much of the wording on the two sites is the same.

The current version of the National Remedy Center site says they are located at 4341 Birch St, Newport Beach, CA 92660. – Source

The Remedy Law site said they were located at 4533 MacArthur Blvd, Newport Beach 92660.

Prudent Law Group says they are located at 4500 Campus Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. – Source

If we look at the three addresses on a map, they are all within a block or so of each other in what appear to be strip malls with mail drops.

The three groups use different telephone numbers:
National Remedy Center – 800-634-7379
Remedy Law – 888-476-6146
Prudent Law Group – 866-519-4304

Other Similarities

If we look at the debt settlement page of National Remedy Center and Remedy Law, they both use the same examples of settlements achieved. I’m sure the FTC would be none too happy with that. Which one is accurate and why would two different companies use the same settlement examples?

The results claimed by these two companies for loan modifications are the same as well. That is, with the exception that the Remedy Law results say the images are the property of attorney Pamela S. Gerber-Gressier and the images from national Remedy Center say they are the property of Remedy Center.

State Registrations

A search for registered California companies, both LLC and corporations, could not locate any company registered to do business under the name National Remedy Center or Remedy Law.

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Prudent Law Group Connection

The June copy of the Remedy Law site did pull some images it used from the Prudent Law site. They either were pulling images with permission that they had used before or they were hotlinking without permission.

The current National Remedy Center website pulls a common image from the Prudent Law Group ( website.

Domain Information

Ownership: Hidden
Date Registered – September 20, 2012

Other domains on the same server:

Prudent Law Group

Nathaniel Ferrer
Secured Processing Inc.
4500 Campus Dr #525
Newport Beach, California 92692

Photo from Nate’s public profile.

Coincidently, that is the same address that the BBB lists for US Tax Liberty that has an F rating and an alert. – Source

Date Registered – October 17, 2011

Ownership: Hidden
Date Registered – June 12, 2012

So What Conclusion Can We Draw From This?

I could continue to go on and on but I think I’ve presented sufficient facts above to make a reasonable conclusion.

So are the companies related?

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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6 thoughts on “Is National Remedy Center the Same as Remedy Law? – Kevin”

  1. I got screwed by these guys also, I paid the money, I did all the work just to find out that there’s a federal law stating that my income to mortgage ratio doesn’t fall in the guide lines, which could have been told to me before I gave them my money

  2. There is NO DOUBT in my mind that they are a scam. I was told I was eligible, they got my money and didn’t do a thing for me but keep me in limbo. Until I was finally told “they tried as hard as they could” but sorry and see you later. Then I got a different notice, called and it was them with a different company name but same people I spoke with the first time! They should all be put in jail! Prudent Law Group the first time, then Remedy Center. Now I read this. Shame shame

  3. I got a AD offering me help to modification loan. I called today (800-390-1171) national remedy center (, for help. They need that I sent them many documents from my loan and income taxes copy. But I not sure if it is safety o not. They say, they are goverment helper for people who need loan modification help. Please let me know if everything is right o not. Thanks. my e-mail is

  4. On 11-28-2012 Nate Ferrer contacted the site and said:

    “I noticed you had a blog with my Picture in it. Can you please remove the picture. You are portraying me under a “Faulse Light”.

    Please remove my picture ASAP, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Can you please confirm once done. ”

    The photo in the piece is from Nate’s public Linkedin profile page. The story was updated to show more of the image and show it from Linkedin.


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