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Motor Club of America (MCA) Looks Like a Biz Op to Avoid. Not What It Appears to Be.

An advertisement for Motor Club of America caught my eye recently. The recruitment advertisement for sales people said:


These kinds of ads interest me because they are pitched as a way to get out of debt and there is an income opportunity component with them.

I can understand how some people may become attracted to such offers. They sound enticing. But let’s take a look at the offer and see what the real scoop is.

See my conclusion at the end after having waded through all the research below.

The Sales Pitch

The offers for independent representatives makes it seem as if this business opportunity will be somewhat a no-brainer but what’s the real scoop?

The Motor Club of America claims they have been in business since 1926 and new sales agents will have to pay $40 to join and will receive $80 from each sale. – Source

There are plenty of videos and sites out on the web that make claims of fabulous income from MCA but while I was researching MCA I noticed an unusual trend, while there was a lot of hype about MCA and the recruitment of sales reps, I could find very little about the quality of the company itself. It looked like the representatives were all busy selling the income opportunity and not the underlying product. When I see things like that, it makes me curious.

It’s darn near impossible to even identify what is the real website for Motor Club of America.

Let’s Start Digging

Official Headquarters Site

The website that claims to be the “official headquarters of Motor Club of America. – Source

What is interesting is that this site does not provide any contact information for the company and it is fairly heavily sales representative focused.

This website is and according to public records the domain name was registered on March 27, 2012 and domain ownership is hidden.

It’s interesting that the domain name is available for sale. You would think that a company that’s been around since 1926 would own their own company name as a domain.

Another page on the “official” site claims that the video below was recorded at “corporate headquarters.” The video description provides a bit more information:

“Maxposure Marketing interviewing Motor Club of America TOP EARNER Charlotte Wyatt at Corporate in Oklahoma. She says that this company isn’t new or a scam, she’s worked for them over 20” – Source, Source

Even the BBB Doesn’t Know Them

I turned to the BBB for more information. Certainly a company that’s been around since 1926 would have a record with the BBB. But apparently not.

The only recurring thread is that Motor Club of America is really TVC Matrix, which is located in Oklahoma.

The BBB reports the company officials are:

Principal: Ms. Lynn Havener (Office Manager)
Mr. Virgil Coffee (President & C.E.O.)
Mr. V. Glenn Coffee (General Counsel for TVC)
Mr. Kent Melton (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mr. Bob Thompson

The BBB reports the business opened in 1989.

State of Oklahoma Records

According to the Oklahoma Secretary of State records, no company registered to do business in Oklahoma exists under the name TVC Matrix or MCA.

There is a company named TVC Marketing Associates that is owned by Virgil Coffee. That company was first registered in 1989. – Source

BBB expreses some concerns over MCA.

The BBB is currently trying to develop additional information concerning the company and its services, which appear to include elements of multi-level marketing programs that allow members to earn payments by recruiting other participants. The BBB has requested additional information from the company and this report will be updated when the firm provides that data. – Source

The domain was first registered in 1999 and is owned by:

TVC Marketing
3200 W Wilshire Blvd
POB 20490
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
800-288-2889 fax: 405-843-1160

The additional sites located on the same server are:

In 2003 the domain name was registered to Justin Coffee with the email address [email protected]

I believe D Kircher is David Kircher who is identified as the President of Motor Club of America. – Source

Sales Script

A company named TVC Matrix seems to be the source of a lot of the hype surrounding Motor Club of America sales efforts. They even put out a guide that makes claims about income and contains a sales script about the MCA business opportunity.

What is interesting is that while the script works hard to make the sale, besides saying the company has been around since 1926, there is little specific information about MCA. – Source

Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc.

According to New Hampshire records, Motor Club of America is a registered insurance company as Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. and is located at 3200 W. Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 – Source

A search of corporate records says Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is originally a Delaware corporation that was formed in 1973, not 1926.

Oklahoma records show the company is owned by Virgil Coffee, Larry Melton, and David Kircher.

But the relationships expand into other companies like Auto Help Line of America.

An JVL Holding Properties, Auto Help Line, and Auto Club of America.

Additional records indicate the company is registered to do business in Texas and California.

In Texas the official records indicate that David Kircher is the president of the company, Larry Melton is the secretary/treasurer, and Virgil Coffeer is the director and CEO.

3200 W Wilshire, Blvd, Oklahoma City

If Motor Club of America is as large as some claim, then the headquarters for MCA should be a large presence.

The official address used by MCA, over and over, is 3200 W Wilshire, Blvd, Oklahoma City. That is primarily listed address for TVC Marketing Associates.

3200 W Wilshire Blvd

MCA Service Contract

A copy of a Motor Club of America service contract says the company home office is at 3200 W Wilshire Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73116 and is actually operated by Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. – Source

The signatures of the secretary and president provide no further identification.

MCA Product Cost

According to the TVC Matrix website, the MCA product costs from between $9.95 to $39.99 a month. That means that an annual membership costs from between $119 to $479. – Source

Legal Past

Some lawsuits filed against TVC Marketing Associates provide some statements regarding the operation.

Richardson v. TVC Marketing

Kimberly Richardson filed a complaint in 2008 claiming she was racially discriminated against.

You can read the complaint here.

You can read the full complaint here.

TVC denied the allegations.

The case appears to have been settled. – Source

McMahan v. TVC Marketing

A 2005 case was filed by another employee alleging age and disability discrimination.

You can read this lawsuit here.

The case was later dismissed.


The Motor Club of America appears to have little to rest it’s success on other than a bunch of salespeople running around and signing up other associates. There is little to no actual claims of consumers that make any claims about the performance of MCA.

There is also nothing readily available that supports the claims the Motor Club of America has actually been been around since 1926.

Motor Club of America has no BBB record itself, but rides on the listing for TVC Marketing.

For me, the most concerning aspect of this business opportunity that it seems many are hot and heavy about right now, is the fact there is so little transparency about the company itself.

The alleged official site lists no contact information, there is nothing about the size of the company or the executives behind it, and there are few, if any, statements from actual customers despite the claims MCA “currently have over 7 MILLION satisfied customers utilizing Motor Club of America services.” – Source

If I was to make a bet on this, I would feel very comfortable betting that the vast majority of people buying this program are the sales reps themselves.

My gut is telling me that this pitch being made to people as a way to make money to deal with their debt, isn’t one to jump at.


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  • Bethany

    Ok, so I read a lot of negative reviews about MCA. I don’t
    know much about the affiliate aspect of the company, but I do utilize the
    services. Repeat… I do not sell Motor Club of America. I merely have the $20 a
    month membership. Here’s my experience with MCA:

    I joined MCA in July of 2014. I am a student and sometimes
    only work part time. I also drive a not-so-reliable car that is paid for, so I
    need to keep it for a while longer. However, the first time I needed to use MCA
    was actually for my roommate. He stopped by the gas station on the way home
    from work and when he went back out to his car, his transmission cables had
    broken. I met him up there and called MCA. A tow truck arrived and hauled us
    off to the repair shop. The tow truck driver said that they receive a $100 from
    MCA for the tow, but I only paid $20 for my monthly service fee. This was in
    August 2014.

    In September 2014, I was on the way to the beach and decided
    that I had better get gas first. After pumping gas, my car wouldn’t start! I
    called MCA. A tow truck driver arrived and towed me back to my apartment.
    Before he left, he raised my hood and discovered that in fact, I just had loose
    battery cables, which he showed me how to fix myself and then I was off to the

    In February 2015, I had to work at one of our locations
    quite a ways from my home. As I was pulling in, terrible steam arose from my
    radiator and my car had overheated. I called MCA and I was towed to a repair

    These are the only services I have used from MCA so far. But
    I feel I get a great service for a good price. I am aware that AAA is cheaper
    over the whole year, but I can afford $20 a month, billed to my credit card,
    much easier. Also, I have had AAA in the past. I lived with my sister in
    Virginia and we were on a plan together. Our plan only included 3 or 4 miles of
    free towing and they really want to keep service calls to a maximum of 4 a
    year. We paid around $150 for the year with AAA. MCA has an unlimited amount of
    100 mile free tows. I would have paid a hefty sum to have my car towed from
    where it overheated to where I like to have it repaired, closer to my home.

    As a member, I am aware that I can sell MCA memberships, but
    I really just don’t have the time to commit to it right now, nor do I see
    myself selling it in the future, because I don’t think I would be that good at
    internet marketing. I am just grateful to know that if my car gives me trouble
    today (and it might!) that I have a reliable (so far) service that I can afford
    and call and not be afraid about being stuck on the side of the road.

  • jessie rae

    My sister has signed up with them and says she made 600 in her first week. I have a really bad feeling about this. Ok, so she got a bunch of friends to sign up, but what happens when she runs out of friends? I don’t want to start a fight but this screams mlm scam like amway/world ventures etc. I can’t even find any sec filings at all or real “proof” of the numbers. Shady indeed

    • Ron

      MCA is actually a great service. The problem I have is hundreds if not thousands of people (mainly young) are just flashing cash to their friends and talking about the money you can make with little to no emphasis at all on the product/service. This is why it looks fishy. Prime example is what you said… what happens when she runs out of friends? Well that goes back to the fact that she was taught to go straight for her friends. You see where i’m going? It’s a whole different ballgame for people like me taking it serious. I am on the radio, tv commercials, etc. and am doing quite well, but I do not promote the opportunity, i promote the SERVICE and mention the opportunity as a kicker and explain why it’s more important to educate on the services. You can read about what I wrote here:

  • Cherissa Parra

    I’m sorry, your thought of us is all wrong. Like other Companies that depend on advertisements like television ads, radio advertisements and even PROFESSIONAL sales people & those other ways of advertising..M.C.A & Tvc rely on the “word of mouth” of our sales agents/associates. We have an opportunity for the average person to work from home to earn an amazing income. So the bad ratings usually come from us people, the sales agents/business partners who mis-represent or just advertise wrong. NOT THE COMPANIES itself.


    Motor Club of America was founded in New Jersey by Mr. William W. Green, the company’s chief executive from 1926 to 1986. Mr. Green established the Motor Club of America and its subsidiary, the Motor Club of America Insurance Company, in the late 1920′s.

    Aided by his brothers, David and Samuel, Mr. Green built the company into a major insurer and auto-service agency in New Jersey and across the United States. It branched out into the hospital-services industry in the late 1960′s, building the New Jersey Rehabilitation Hospital in East Orange, N.J. In 1986, Mr. Green and his family sold their controlling interest in the Motor Club of America and the hospital. Mr. Green passed away in 1992. Motor Club of America, also known as MCA, is now a division of JVL Holding Properties, Inc.. JVL Holding Properties Inc., founded in 1996 and owned by Mr. Virgil W. Coffee, is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. JVL purchased the motor club holdings of MCA in 1996, along with MCA’s existing membership base.

    TVC Marketing Associates, Inc. which is also owned by Mr. Virgil Coffee, is the marketing arm for MCA. Prior to founding TVC Marketing Associates in 1987, Mr. Coffee played a significant role in the marketing of Prepaid Legal in its early years, creating Pre Paid Legal’s compensation plan, and helping the company grow from $1.6 million in sales to over $48 million, in a short period of time. TVC Marketing’s home office is located in Oklahoma City, OK. Since opening in 1987 to serve commercial driver license holders and small business owners with motor and legal benefits, TVC Marketing has seen continued growth for over 25 years. The existing membership base in all TVC and JVL motor club and protection products, is now over seven million members, and continues to grow each month.

    TVC Marketing Associates’ legal consul is Mr. Virgil Glenn Coffee. First elected to the Oklahoma State Senate in 1998, Mr. Virgil Glenn Coffee served in a variety of leadership posts including, Caucus chairman (2000-2002), Assistant Minority Floor Leader (2002-2004), and Minority Floor Leader (2004-2006).

    Mr. Coffee served as Senate co-president pro tempore (2007-08). He was named a “legislator of the year” in 2010 by the American Legislative Exchange Council.

    Mr. Coffee earned an undergraduate degree in political science from Northeastern State University, and received a law degree from the University of Oklahoma College of Law.

    In 2010, Virgil Glenn Coffee was appointed Oklahoma Secretary of State by Governor Mary Fallin, where he’s worked to support Governor Fallin’s legislative agenda and represents the Governor during budget negotiations, in addition to performing the statutory duties of the office. Mr. Coffee recently announced that he plans to be step down as Oklahoma’s Secretary of State by January 31, 2013, for private sector interests. Governor Fallin’s office said they plan to retain Coffee, who is an attorney, as an “outside consultant” on state water issues.

    TVC’s new Total Security Membership powered through MCA, and which was introduced in October of 2011, is the company’s newest home-business division. We also recently added our MCA Gold and Platinum memberships in September 2012, to help new TVC associates build a stable long-term income, just like other TVC associates have been able to do over the past 20 plus years.

    Since 1987, TVC has helped many people improve their financial lives, providing them with a solid income vehicle they could depend on.

  • 305ive

    I’m a Negro… I also conducted my own investigation prior to finding this great blog after being approached with this ‘ghetto opportunity’. So basically, this is a bubble. Like all bubbles, they burst. @2968ace49ad5cb3eb6ddb3f89f9e440e:disqus, really? @7028709598e3fa04d1a3500afb0eba0b:disqus , you serious? @facebook-591703557:disqus , C’mon now! @disqus_oRhJbLaSrH:disqus, True!
    One love Ninjaz

  • kct0

    I did my own digging and found much of the same info you’ve provided here with a more pieces of this puzzle:

    1. 3200 W Wilshire shows up in a search as a UPS drop box location,

    2. 6161 N May (the address for TVC, Inc with registered agent listed as Virgil Coffee) is shown as Asian Eternity Buffet,

    3. a Florida registration lists yet another UPS drop box address as it’s business address (1833 S Morgan Rd) for Brickell Financial Services-Motor Club, Inc (registered agent: The Corporation Company)

    4. as does the business Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc (registered agent: The Corporation Company) but they are registered in Delaware

    5. with a THIRD business registered in Texas called National Motor Club of America, Inc (registered agent: The Corporation Company) doing business at the same UPS drop box address.
    6. the claim to 1926 may be solved with this NY Times obituary: William W. Green founded Motor Club of America in 1926 and died May 29, 1986 when they sold their controlling interest in the Motor Club (and the New Jersey Rehabilitation Hospital he built)

    • Steve Rhode

      Great research. The connection I was unable to make was between the original MCA and the current MCA. It appeared to me to be two entirely different entities.

      • Randy

        I am a member and have just saved $100.00 on my prescription as well as had a tire changed promptly. As for the biz end, has anyone verified if the sen from ok, virgil coffee is actually involved with mca , tvc. Very Interested as thinking of doing biz, thanks.

  • Divine

    @7028709598e3fa04d1a3500afb0eba0b:disqus !!! wow you are ridiculous yea i hear you but everything you said is completely irrelevant I mean look at the name you choose you are clearly not the bigger person and showed disgusting racism it is 2013 are you really serious dude wow

  • A Person Making Money

    LMFAO!!!! I made over $5,000 in the last 2 weeks with MCA. I could care less about what your talking about. I think it’s funny you wasted your time. Can’t wait for this Friday’s paycheck.

    • Steve Rhode

      If you “could care less” about it then why comment?



      • Lissette Gathers

        I bet you never tried it. You can’t speak on something you don’t know. MCA is for Negroes. If getting a check for signing people up is negroe money then I’ll take it better than sitting around waiting for crackers lol crackers

      • Ashley Nacole

        Racism doesn’t help. Good job. You made black people look more ignorant.

      • Ashley Nacole

        Look it up, don’t just hop on a band wagon. I myself am in MCA. I don’t see any problems. Don’t be ignorant.

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