Multi-Level Marketers and Others on Notice to Stop Misleading Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission is putting more than 1,100 businesses that pitch money-making ventures on notice that if they deceive or mislead consumers about potential earnings, the FTC won’t hesitate to use its authority to target them with large civil penalties. As the pandemic has left many people in dire financial straits, money-making pitches have … Read more

Motor Club of America – Consumer Complaint – July 19, 2017

Consumer Statement: I emailed them and TOLD them that I didn’t Register for this program Someone tried to surprise me because i’m 6 weeks pregnant trying to show me another way to earn QUICK money I do not want to be apart of this program I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Consumer Action Taken: I tried … Read more

Is Motor Club of America MCA a Scam or Not? Should I Join? – Colin

“Dear Steve, I am trying to make income online unsure about opportunity if they are legit. So is MCA a scam? you wrote an article saying it was but then it appears other people backed up information to prove it was legit so what is the verdict? and do you know anything about ultimate cycler? … Read more

Motor Club of America (MCA) Looks Like a Biz Op to Avoid. Not What It Appears to Be.

An advertisement for Motor Club of America caught my eye recently. The recruitment advertisement for sales people said: “WOULD YOU LIKE TO MAKE MONEY? WHO DOESNT?! I JOINED A PROGRAM WHO HELPED ME GET OUT OF DEBT … SO NOW I WANNA HELP YOU GET MONEY LIKE I AM… I JOINED A PROGRAM WHO GIVES … Read more