My Wife Sent Me a Link About the Lance Denha Scam. Is It a Scam?

“Dear Steve,

My wife sent me the link to your posts re Lance Dunha scam. I was about to engage their services to represent me with Chase on my First Mortgage and Bank of Princeton on my second – $895 – month one and $595 for the next months until resolved.

They are offering to us a Federal Law that allows them to do a securitization audit with Chase and restructure my loan to a lower interest rate – now at 6% and maybe as low as 3.75% – or market rates.

A scam?

I appreciate your input”

I would not call the services offered by attorney Lance Denha a scam. I’m sure he offers a fine service, but the question is, is it a needed service.

You sent me a page that described the initial process:

Welcome to The Law Offices of Lance Denha P.A.

Now that you have chosen the Law Offices of Lance Denha for your home retention needs, we want to take a moment and inform you as to what you can expect. You will be receiving a phone call from our welcome center within the next 24-48 hours to assign you a Client ID

While legal representation does not begin until your retainer has been signed and your payment is made, you can start completing the attached personal financial package and forward to our office any documents that you have ready. Communication is vital to this process so PLEASE do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or have received any letters or notices from your lender(s).

Remember that any professional legal help requires the cooperation of the client in order to proceed with the best and most proficient defense. Below is an overview of what is to come.

  1. Complete the Personal Financial Package – Each lender requires a full personal financial package and is part of the initial step towards our presentation to your lender requesting an aggressive modification, in this case a pre-trial settlement offer.
  2. Provide legal documents/ notice of foreclosure (if applicable) – Present any and all legal notices from your lender, law firm representing the lender/servicer or any other related party applicable regarding a notice of foreclosure so we can represent your interests to the best of our ability.
  3. Securitization Audit – The securitization analysis is a process we use to gather information and leverage by uncovering issues with your mortgage. It is one of the most powerful tools we use in successfully bringing or defending an action against your lender to protect your rights.
  4. Pre-trial settlement offer – The offer along with the completed financial package is delivered to your lender.
  5. Qualified Written Request (QWR) – A QWR will be delivered to your lender reasonably requesting pertinent documentation.
  6. Negotiations – during the legal process, continual negotiations to resolve your mortgage situation will still be ongoing.

This is a legal process designed to help you keep and afford your home. Your assistance in compiling and completing the information that is being requested in a timely manner will only help in moving the process along smoothly.

Please take this time to complete the attached Personal Financial Package. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. We are here for YOU!

There are two issues that I want you to be aware of no matter who you turn to for help.

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The first is the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule. This rule prevents most companies from charging you a fee in advance before you get a written offer from your lenders. Attorneys feel they are exempt from this rule.

The second is the free help that’s available from a HUD Housing Counselor. These government subsidized counselors help people every day for free with working out solutions for mortgage issues. They are aware of the programs each lender offers. It might be a good idea for you to contact a local HUD Housing Counselor and discuss your situation with them.

The BBB states Lance Denha is located in Florida. Unless you are located in Florida it would be a good idea to make sure Mr. Denha is licensed to practice law in your state. If he is not he probably can’t represent you as an attorney. You can check his ability to practice law in your state by checking with your state bar association.

Keep in mind, no lender is required to modify any mortgage. They can’t be forced to but they may have internal program they already make available. You can also call your lenders and specifically ask them what programs may be available.

I also make available links to a number of resources on the page How to Modify Your Mortgage for Free.

All of that being said, if you decide you want to pay someone to do this for you, it’s a free country, feel free to do what you think is best for you and your family. I’m not here to talk you out of doing it, just help to educate you about the breadth of options available, which I hope they already did.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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