Halo Debt Solutions Doesn’t Seem to Try Anymore. – Pablo

“Dear Steve,

Large amount of unsecured debt, unsold/unrented manufactured house on 1 acre rural IN with mortgage, renting in SC due to job transfer, car with loan, another without. Haven’t used credit for years, had used halo debt solutions for some good low settlements, not using them now since they don’t seem to try anymore.

Does debt ever disappear completely outside of bankruptcy? Can I wait it out, since there is no one hounding me?


Dear Pablo,

It’s unfortunate that you feel Halo Debt Solutions doesn’t even try anymore. What is the basis of that determination?

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You asked if debt ever disappears outside of bankruptcy. The answer is no.

There are a few issues about debt outside of bankruptcy.

  1. If you are in default a creditor can tack on fees, additional interest and sue you.
  2. You can be sued within the statute of limitations.
  3. Outside of the statute of limitations, while you can’t be sued, the debt owner can attempt to collect until you die.
  4. After 7 years since the account was first reported delinquent on your credit report, it will fall off your consumer credit report but that does not mean it’s dead.

If you were not satisfied with the service Halo Debt Solutions now provides and you have the cash on hand to settle the debts yourself, you might want to try that.

But since you have a home you may not be returning to and some other debt, it might be prudent to talk to a local bankruptcy attorney about your situation so you can close the door on the past debt and move forward.

You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them for free.

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