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I’m Concerned About Using Lending Club and this Complaint About You. – Norma

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I found your site a while ago and I was already enrolled in a debt management program who would not respond to me. Somehow, you got me a valid point of contact who resolved my issues and everything went smoothly until I fulfilled my obligations.

However, I am looking for a personal loan to consolidate some debt incurred by someone I know and I was about to give them the name of the lender that you have advertised in one of your articles when I came upon the below information…..

“After I typed helped get out of debt his Website popped up. I looked through it and it seemed to be a pretty awesome site but I noticed he didn’t endorse any companies but he site was littered with adds from other debt consolidation companies. I clicked on One, I won’t mention because I’m going to write a separate rip-off report for those guys, but as soon as i clicked on it I started receiving Pop-up galore. I quickly Excited the main site but then my gmail got filled up with 15 get out debt offers from companies all over the country. I just can’t stand these Landing page site that look like blogs but are just intro to add pages. This guy is like one long commercial with no substance. Thanks for nothing I don’t even think there is a real Steve Rhodes though. I should have known by the fake looking picture on the cite.”

This came from Now I’m a little concerned about using the lender you cited in your article. I realize anyone can put anything they want out on the internet, but I was wondering if you could give me some other references for the organization…..Lending Club, please? Thanking you in advance, Norma


Dear Norma,

Thank you for writing to me again. And thank you for pointing out that listing on I didn’t know it was out there.

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I just posted this rebuttal on it:

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Like any other media outlet the website is funded by advertising. We run only ads generated by Google. We have no selection in the ads people see and we describe the Google ad presentation process and even why different people see different ads. See the site terms at

Ads from Google contain links to advertiser websites. The website obviously has no control over what happens on other sites. But in our experience, Google does a very good job generally in policing against sites with popups as described. If they had not caught that site the author mentioned, I’m sure they will.

The website could not be responsible for the for the receipt of email offers as described since we do not collect the email address or identity of general site visitors.

If the thousands of pages of self-help and guidance the site provides is insufficient for the author of this complaint, it is their opinion and they are entitled to it. Of course since we spend every day helping people for find answers to their debt situation, we would disagree.

As far as my picture being fake. What can I say. That’s my bald head on the site.

Steve Rhode
Get Out of Debt Guy

If anything Norma I hope that you have come to understand that I’m all about people educating themselves and making informed decisions. I don’t encourage anyone to blindly follow anyone, including myself.

In my experience there are two primary peer-to-peer lending networks out there, and Also, my observation is that seems to be funding more reader requests and faster than and both offer similar referral fees that the site receives, and discloses. My offer for site readers has been that if they decide is their lender of choice, let me know the loan number when the loan is approved and listed and we will help fund it. Essentially what we do is use money from the referral fee to help fund the loan.

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My job is not to talk you into doing anything. All I can do is give you advice and my opinion and what you ultimately decide to do is up to you. If, after looking at, you decide they are not right for you then don’t use them.

In fact you might want to use my free guide, How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off, before you do anything to feel more comfortable about the company you ultimately decide to use.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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