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USA Payday Loan Scheme is a Total Scam. Run Away.

A reader just filed a consumer complaint about a company called USA PaydayLoan. You can read it here.

The consumer alleges they applied for an online payday loan through and was contacted by telephone. They state they were told they were approved for a loan but had to pay an advance fee.

Unfortunately the consumer purchased a prepaid card for $360 and then gave the card information and the PIN to the alleged company. They never received the loan.

This is a warning to anyone that might be told they have to pay a fee in advance for a high risk loan. It’s a scam and illegal to do so. I’ve never met anyone who has ever received the loan after paying an advance fee.

1608 S. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL

1608 S. Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL

That address is actually a mail drop and virtual mailbox.

The website ownership is hidden and USA Payday Loan is not registered to conduct business in Illinois.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 12.11.12 PM

There is nothing about USA Payday Loan that is publicly available on their website or from independent sources that indicates they are not a scam.


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