My Husband Was Having an Affair and Left Me With Bad Credit. – Mary

“Dear Steve,

Husband sign the certified mail slip and never told me about court or judgement against me from Fath Properties, Ohio.

Mother-in-law passed away of cancer. Her apartment was right next door. Our family lived in both apartments but I was the only one on lease of second apartment.

Family wanted to vacate and live together but we could not live in one townhouse so we moved to a house.

I found out my husband is having his second affair and has moved out when I found out.

I am down sizing to an apartment when house lease is up but no one will rent to me because I have judgement of $3,000 against me.

How can I repair the situation so landlords will rent to me?

How can I repair situation with judgement so landlords will rent to me? I was told by my present landlord no reference and that I will not be able to renew lease. I need a place to live by April 30


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Dear Mary,

The way to deal with this is either to satisfy the judgment and take a close look at your consolidated credit report to see if there are any other issues, or look to rent from a private landlord.

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