Bank of America is Giving Me the Run Around With My Mortgage Modification. – Terry

“Dear Steve,

I took in a friend of our family and he ended up ripping me off after he sold his property and never paid me back. I had to file for Bankruptcy and was cleared of that debt in April 2012.
In the mean time I lost my state job, had no income and took a meanial job which couldn’t pay the bills. I am behind in my Primary mortgage with BAC and I have a lien on me from Citimortgage for my Home Equity loan. The approx. amount owed to BAC is approx. $150,000 and my HE loan is for around $40,000.

I have been submitting multiple repeated forms and updated paperwork to BAC and now no answers besides “We have denied your Modification applicaton due to not submitting forms requested”. I have submitted everything they have asked for and now they are starting Foreclosure proceedings against me. It’s not fair that they never updated me or given me direct answers when i’ve called. Everytime I called they needed updated forms. (because they sat on what I kept submitting to them). I have multiple Mortgage Managers (middle people) that have to start from scratch again. I’ve had 3 already. I’ve left multiple messages since I usually get their voice mail. I have even left messages for their supervisors.

I was denied in Aug. 2012 and never told. The answer I received was that “they were not allowed to contact people affected by hurricane Sandy. My response was that I wasn’t affected by the hurricane and that was in Oct. and I was denied back in Aug. and never told. Then a letter was sent to back up her claim that I was denied due to what I wrote above.

I am already docketed before I was even notified of foreclosure intent. Where can I get help with this? I need help quickly. All of this was done behind my back without warning. It hasn’t even been a year since my last payment. Everyone kept telling me I had time, that there were many people before me. I am so lost. I notice your a credit agency. I had that with bankruptcy even though I never put myself directly into debt. It was mandatory for Bankruptcy Chapter 7.
Please Help!

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Dear Terry,

I’m wondering if you can afford to hold on to your house at all in your current financial situation. Can you?

There are two strategies for dealing with the modification at this point.

I would contact a HUD Housing Counselor and ask for help with the modification. Their services are free.

Another recent strategy would be to go back to you bankruptcy attorney and consider a chapter 13 bankruptcy. It will stop the foreclosure and some bankruptcy attorneys are reporting success with rapid modifications in bankruptcy because the lender has to act fast. It’s worth considering.

You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them for free about your specific situation. Get the facts and then you can make an informed and educated decision if bankruptcy is right for you.

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