Granite Law Wants to Charge Me to Modify My Mortgage. – John

“Dear Steve,

I have a fixed rate mortgage at 6.8% on my home I live in. The amount owed is more than the value. $380K vs. $300?K. A radio ad here in the Chicago market recently stated a company could assist home owners who were under water to get a lower payment. Mine is currently sitting at $3100 including T&I.

I called the number and it is for a California Law firm called Granite Law LLC. www.granite-law.com After reviewing my situation they are promising to be able to lower my interest rate to a low 3 or maybe the high 2’s and be able to save me hundreds in my monthly payment. My loan is with Acqura (servicing compayny). Granite law wants to charge me $1700 to do this.

Can you tell me if you have heard of Granite Law and what you think of what they are offering? I really hate to dish out the money if they can’t do anything. Thanks for your guidance. BTW – My wife and I owned a business that went under in 2008 and using your advice we have now paid off 17 credit cards. More to go but we can see day light now.


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Dear John,

Welcome back.

These outfits are a dime a dozen and seemingly never deliver but charge and advance fee without a guarantee. In fact the Federal Trade Commission has rules against charging advance fees called the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule.

For free help with mortgage modification, talk to a HUD Housing Counselor.

What you heard was an advertisement for you to call so probably a salesperson could close you.

I took a look at Granite Law for you. Here is what I found.

The website says, “Granite Law, an industry leading national law firm.” – Source

They also say they are located at 7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite​ 200, Irvine, California 92618. – Source

That address is actually a virtual office space with Regus. – Source

You would naturally think a leading national law firm would not operate out of a rented virtual office.

The Granite Law website is granite-law.com. They hide their domain ownership and that’s certainly not the hallmark of a leading law firm. The domain name was registered on June 24, 2011.

Granite Law says that the Irvine address is their corporate address.

A LinkedIn profile for a John VU says they are actually located in FullertonIrvine, California. – Source

There is no corporation registered in California under the name Granite Law.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 12.25.10 PM

The only company with a similar name is Granite Law Group, LLC which is located in Utah but did not register with the state until April 11, 2012.

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The Granite Law website says the company name is actually Granite Law California LLP. I still could not find anything under that name.

The BBB says the business is an attorney advertising company and not a law firm. They have only been a member since October 16, 2012. – Source

I did find the following statement on their website:

PAID ATTORNEY ADVERTISEMENT: This website is a group advertisement. It is not a lawyer referral service or prepaid legal services plan. Granite Law does not endorse or recommend any lawyer or law firm who participates in the network. It does not make any representation and has not made any judgment as to the qualifications, expertise or credentials of any participating lawyer. All case evaluations are performed by participating and licensed attorneys. An attorney responsible for the content of this Site is Adam J Gerard, Esq., licensed in California with offices at 7545 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 200, Irvine, California 92618. To see the attorney in your area who is responsible for this advertisement, please click here [NEED LINK] If you live in Alabama, Florida, Missouri, New York or Wyoming, please click here for additional information. Granite Law and the attorneys and/or law firms promoted through this website are federally designated Debt Relief Agencies. They help people file for relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. – Source

The website lists the following attorneys as “partners”: – Source

o Richard Charles Frier – Alabama
o Jeffrey Wells – Arkansas
o James Andrews – Arizona
o Robert Larson – Arizona
o Adam Gerard – California
o Loren Castro – California
o Allan Calomino – California
o Jamilla Moore – California
o John Dougherty – Colorado
o Joseph J. Pfeuffer – Connecticut
o Sheron A. Barton – District of Columbia
o Catherine Di Lorenzo – Delaware
o Andrew Steele – Florida
o Brad Bader – Florida
o Gary Carpenter – Florida
o Robert Dwyer – Florida
o Alvin Albert – Georgia
o Everett Walton – Hawaii
o Greg Dunn – Hawaii
o William Mitchell – Idaho
o Rusty Reinoehl – Illinois
o Eric Bohnet – Indiana
o Camron Hoorfar – Kansas
o James Hayes Lawson – Kentucky
o Julia Whisenant – Louisiana
o Amber Kovach – Massachusetts
o Daniel Ruggiero – Massachusetts
o Sheron A. Barton – Maryland
o Jeremey Miller – Maine
o Donald McGuigan – Michigan
o Jeffrey Cojocar – Michigan
o Howard Kleyman – Montana
o Camron Hoorfar – Missouri
o Stephen Cofin – Missouri
o John Windsor – Mississippi
o Keith Trader – North Dakota
o Matt Jenkins – Nebraska
o Jeremey Miller – New Hampshire
o Ivan Raevski – New Jersey
o Suzanne M. Carter – New Jersey
o Jennifer Tsai – Nevada
o Michael Terry – Nevada
o Ivan Raevski – New York
o Daniel Ruggiero – New York
o Lasheyl Stroud – Ohio
o Steven F. Stulhbarg – Ohio
o Ron Brown – Oklahoma
o Michael Sterner – Oregon
o Michael Siddons – Pennsylvania
​o Daniel Ruggiero – Rhode Island
o James Steve Bruce – South Carolina
o Andy Oostdyk – Texas
o Barry Broughton – Texas
o Jack Walsh – Texas
o Jeff Wells – Texas
o David Hester – Utah
o Andrew Chen – Virginia
o Donald Park – Virginia
o Jeremey Miller – Vermont
o Christopher J. Mercado – Washington
o Richard Symmes – Washington
o Greg Straub – Wisconsin

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Thanks for letting me know you live in Illinois.

Since you are located in Illinois the attorney that Granite Law lists as a partner in Illinois is:

Rusty Keith Reinoehl
Reinoehl Law Offices, LLC
119 W. Walnut Street P.O. Box 698
Robinson, IL 62454-2147
(618) 469-1000

Please feel free to do your own checking up on them also.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following fee guides.

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. 10 Must Do Steps to Find the Best Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Company for You
  3. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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21 thoughts on “Granite Law Wants to Charge Me to Modify My Mortgage. – John”

  1. Please remove my name or at least blur it out from your article. This is my third time trying. Please remove my name. I do not wish to be associated with this company. Thank you.

  2. Please remove my name from your article or at the very least blur it out. I have long since left this company. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you.

  3. beware the rip offs. any one who promises to lower your mortgage or reduce your tax debt is most likely a scam. use local professionals and don’t send money to strangers.

  4. I just contacted Granite Law and I’am very hesitatent about this company I don’t know what to do.They want to charge me $2500 for their services.

  5. Mr. Rhodes, I just read your informative reply back to the “Granite Law” question … Boy am I glad i did!!!! I was told my fee was going to be $2,400 and I was really about to pay it! You just saved my $2,400. dollars! Thank You!

    I am so frustrated w/ my mortgage company, OCWEN loan modification process, that I was going to pay this Granite Law company to help me out. I been working w/ OCWEN out of Florida for the past year in a half with no solution or resolution in site. They continue to deny my modification month after month and all I get is that I need to re-submit the same paperwork over and over again! I am sure a sale date has to be coming soon! Please help! what can I do if my mortgage company OCWEN will not approve my modification. They say I make too much money. I don’t even think that is part of the qualification process requirements. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robert C.

  6. Based on John VU’s LinkedIn, he resides in Fullerton and went to Cal State Fullerton. If you look further down, you clearly see that the company is in Irvine in the job description. Please correctly use sources and link the profile if you are going to use someone’s profile so we can all see.

  7. Olivia, Don’t feel bad they too got me for $1700.00. I will be requesting a refund as well. They were very rude and disrespectful to me. I called to ask a question on about a document they claimed to be missing and when I called them back Bridget May was very rude. She wouldn’t even let me finish a sentence before she started accusing me of things. I was just trying to explain that I had not received her email nor a voicemail from her. They were having multiple people contacting me. What a joke, I wish I would have seen this before contacting them for anything. Here is there latest review on the Better Business Bureau rating.
    http://losangeles.bbb.org/find-business-reviews/name/granite+law/ they are no longer BBB Accredited. What a rip-off.

  8. My name is olivia I had fallen for this company and I paid 1500 $ to do my loand modification and I basically paid them for gathering my paper work witch I can do it my self thorough my morgage company for free I will be asking for my money back its not worth it at all

  9. We don’t know where to start, but we found out today that
    our Loan Modification, that your Staff/Team put together was approved, that is
    a true miracle, we first heard your advertisement on a christian radio station
    (Yolanda Adams show) 104.1, and prayed, and you guys appeared. And words can’t
    say what our hearts feel.

    But God bless you all and Thanks a million!

    Ken & Natalie Davis

    • I don’t know where to start. This and other comments are clearly spam as they are coming from the same person that is just changing the names.

      Smells like a plant to me.

  10. We have 2 homes, one with
    an adjustable rate that we have been told cannot be refinanced and one
    with a very high interest rate. A mutual friend recommended we contact
    you for advice and was very happy with their outcome. Thank you for your

    Thank you!


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