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What is the Best Way to Settle My Student Loans With National Enterprise Collections? – Tina

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I have many loans from school but one that was originally 9,000 that has had an unafforable payment for me of 208 dollars for over a year i have sent them a paymeny of 50 dollars in good faith. Of course that didnt help and i went into default and have recently been sent to national enterprise collections.

The one time i spoke to them i was offer a settlement for 6120 and well of course i have only been out of school since 2011 and make 9.00 an hour so i dont have any savings to pay them that amount of money.

So then they said they could go for my co-signer which i understand but, the the CA says thet have my loan but for the last two months online sallie mae has still posted a monthly statement and i still send them 50 dollars.

I have recently found a family friend that said they would give me 5000 in order to settle the loan which would help me out alot.

The problem i am having is if i were to open communication with the CA again and settle with them i dont want months or years later sallie to come back at me and say i owe them, so what are the steps i need to take in order to try and settle this debt and be clear of sallie mae?


Drive Carefully

Dear Tina,

The only people I’m aware of who were able to settle were those that had communications with Sallie Mae and received settlement offers directly from Sallie Mae.

Don’t be surprised if they have now added as much as 20% of your balance to the balance due as a collection fee.

There is no reason why you can’t start the conversation about settling with the collection company and also contact CA, whoever that is.

Id you want to try and get a settlement it is going to require communications but with a co-signer on the hook for the loan I would frankly be surprised if the settle.

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  • I earlier after sending this ran. Credit reports the loan is listed as charged off though I am unclear what that means completely. Is it saying the nation enterprise is now the one in charge of my loan?

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