Where Can I Really Refinance My Private Student Loans? – Eveline

“Dear Steve,

Ex husband co-signed on private student loan while married. There is a balance of approx. 11,000 left on the loan amount.

My credit is bad, and I have not been able to refinance in my own name, of course Wells Fargo will not do it because it is better to have 2 signers responsible for this than 1.

He is remarried and is in Air Force. My late payments, although I am trying really hard to not be late, have caused even problems with his promotions etc…

Any advise or suggestions of legit companies that will refi this loan into my name alone? By the way we have been divorced for 11 years now, it’s time.


loan-approvedDear Eveline,

Of course everything depends on your credit score. But the company I am most impressed with who actually makes unsecured debt consolidation loans is Lending Club.

I think this guide will be helpful as well. See The Ultimate Debt Consolidation Loan Guide: Getting Approved, Acting Smart, and Being Wise

If you decide to go the Lending Club route, I’m also an investor there and will be happy to help fund your loan.

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