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Federal Student Loan Notice Mailer Review

Written by Steve Rhode

An amazing reader Alicia sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program.

Alicia received a mailer from good old postal permit 1297 in Sacramento, California which promises some amazing student loan benefits including total loan forgiveness.

The outsides of the mailer does not say who the sender actually is and my opinion is it is possible someone could mistake this for an official mailer.

Click image for larger view.

Click image for larger view.

The inside of the mailer say the company behind this mailer is “a consumer advocacy group” but you would think that as a consumer advocate they would identify who they are. Just like the outside of the mailer the inside seems to be silent about who the company is that the consumer would reach if they called the number 888-819-1504.

The mailer also says the recipient has a “Federal Student Loan Qualified Programs” that are appropriate for them and it is something called “Student Loan Processing.” What is that?

The mailer also says, “Effective Immediately New laws Discounting Federal Student Loans” but it is unclear exactly what those new laws might be that would somehow make the person in Idaho eligible for TOTAL FORGIVENESS. There are not new loan forgiveness programs I am aware of. There are some programs that have been in place for some time that a targeted group of people with conforming work fields may be eligible for.

The mailer appears to only be targeted to federal student loans. Of course anyone with a federal student loan can call the U.S. Department of Education for free to learn what programs might be available or read this guide.

Click on image for a larger view.

Click on image for a larger view.

In my opinion the statement, “We work on your behalf with the U.S. Department of Education to find applicable financial relief programs to make your Federal Insured Student Loans flexible and easy to manage” is a confusing statement that some may read as the sender is somehow operating on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education. That is most likely not true. This appears to be a mailer designed to sell student loan assistance services to consumers.

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At the bottom of the mailer there is a telephone number and next to it is says Student Loan Processing as if that is the name of the entity the person might call. But above that was used to describe the eligible program. Confusing.

You may want to read the following information and guides to help evaluate your situation.

This offer was able to be reviewed because a kind reader sent it in via my I Buy Junk Mail program.

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About the author

Steve Rhode

Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.


  • I got the same mailer today with 877-935-4298 as the phone number. I thought about calling just to see if I could get a company name to help make a complaint.

  • NOT A SCAM. I received a similar piece in
    the mail, different phone number. (good marketing) It sparked my interest and I
    called in. Got the companies name and a direct number. Did my due
    diligence, found yes you can do this on your own. Great! I have no
    clue what to do or how to do it. Dont have the time to jump through the
    bureaucratic hoops. So like every service in life, i paid for it.
    Got more than my money’s worth. With something so important like my
    loans I prefer someone professional to handle it. The company i worked
    with seemed to have my interest in mind, I put fee into a “trust
    account” that the company set up, i could log on and see the money there
    and when the company preformed their job the money was released to them.
    Further, the company offered a money back guarantee in their contract.
    If for some reason they couldn’t provide the service they qualified me
    for they would refund me in full. It seem like the people whom have
    commented either didnt do their research, or didnt complete service with a
    company. Im sure those of you who commented you can do it on your own
    have yet to do anything, and those of you who have know it wasnt easy. My
    payments were reduced drastically based on my financial situation. Also I
    will never make more than 240 payment on my loans.

    LETS TALK SCAM – the servicers for these loans
    are the biggest scam, pinching multiple fees off your loan payments, misguiding
    borrowers into faulty payment programs that make them more money in the long
    run, and keep you paying on your loans for the rest of your life. After
    all they are publicly traded and designed to make investors money!

    If you have the three months of free time to do
    it on your own give it a try, if your busy like me call a company and give them
    a chance. They helped me, chances are they can help you.

  • I did exactly what you did, I didn’t give them my bank information either but they do have a lot of my personal information. The rep I spoke to, I told him I wanted to think about it more. I called the number back, but they said he wasnt available, but then he called me back from a number with a 949 area code and he has a voicemail box set up, so I don’t know. Do you think we should file a complaint to the FTC?

  • Hi Jared, I had the same situation as you. I feel really stupid I fell for it, and now I am paranoid they have my personal information. Have you seen any suspicious activity on your credit report or any signs of identity theft??

    • Hi Krysta
      I am very paranoid now because I did the same thing and gave them all my information including my FAFSA Pin. What can we do?

  • I got one in the mail and I didn’t give them any information, I just listened to what they had to say. I asked them who they were and if the US Department of Education was funding them as a service and the man with a thick accent gave me the runaround. I was adamant about getting an answer to this question because it seems like an easy thing to say one way or the other. After five minutes of him giving me the same BS “answer” I said, “you’re not answering my question, are you not understanding what I’m asking?”

    He said that I qualified for loan forgiveness based on very little evidence since I had not given them any information. That was shady. They also knew my name and address but that is common knowledge and didn’t take that to mean anything official. When they asked me for my social security number and other information, I told them I have to look into it and research this “company” first before I give any personal information over the phone. I told them they’d not given me any information to go by as to who they were but I would research it to find out if they were legit. And here I am.

    I’m glad I didn’t give these fools any info.

    • I stopped just shy of giving them my bank account number, though they have more than enough to do Identity theft if they aren’t legit. I suspect they are legitimate, just misleading. I missed the notice on the back of the inside page which states:

      “This is a private Fee-Based application assistance service, not endorsed or associated with any government agency. Company provides review and preparation of documents to assist in obtaining benefits relating to pubically backed student loans. Company does not lend money, broker Loans, or consolidate debt. This is not an offer to lend or for a consolidation of debt. Some services offered by the company may be available directly to consumers from government on a do-it-yourself basis without fees. Company is not permitted to promise or gaurentee any results and this advertisement in intended for informational purposes only. Not available in all states, call for complete details.”

      I feel like a sucker, but if they are offering it, I can probably find it on the government website somewhere. Odds are my personal Info is safe, but i’m going to be watching it for a couple months at least anyway.

  • Just received one of these myself and immediately Googled what I could, and thankfully found this post. It’s definitely suspicious that they don’t even give you an organization name or indicate how they can help you with your loans, and that they claim you could get total forgiveness. Yeah right! The number on mine is 852-1007, but otherwise it looks exactly like the one posted above.

  • Ditto. -1506 on mine.

    But w/ no company identifying information, and know no government org would send out something w/o identifying them, I knew it was a scam.

    But I’m ever curious; I want to know who these jokers are and if my student loan servicer is selling my info.

  • I got this one, with the phone number 844 625-0612 but otherwise it was the same. I tried a reverse search on the phone number. I bet they keep changing the phone number so no one can figure out who they are. This must definitely be a scam.

  • Thank you for posting about this! I’m glad I googled the mailer and that it brought me to this site, just didn’t seem right. I agree that it is bordering on the edge of impostering a federal mailer.

  • I got this same mailer and feel so dumb for even calling. I didn’t pay but gave them a lot of my information, does anyone know what they can do with that? or what to do about this?

    • Thanks for share your opinions and experiences. I got the same letter and was almost tempted to call the sender and find out what it is all about. However, as an afterthought I tried to browse the internet to find out it the letter is send from a legitimate sender or not. I am glad I did. Once again thanks profoundly.

    • I am on the same boat at you. I am really paranoid now that they have my personal information. Have you done anything to resolve this? Do you suggest any steps I should take?

  • I must admit I fell for this one pretty hard. This was my first experience dealing with Student Loan Help Scammers, and I not only drank the Kool-Aid, but chugged it down in one big gulp. I went through their checks to see if I was eligible for consolidation, and they told me only my federal loans were eligible, not my private loans. Essentially they wanted a $600 payment upfront, then my monthly payments would be $31 for 10 years, and then the rest would just go away. Yeah, I know, I’m a sucker. After going through the whole process, I didn’t make any payments in case you were wondering, they gave me a quick disclaimer which mentioned that they are not at all associated with the Department of Education. A fact that they repeated 3 times! This had me a little fishy, so I then got online to do some research and found this site, among others, warning people to be cautious. When I called them back to question them about it they were very defensive and told me they have an A+ rating with the BBB. Only problem was whoever I talked to gave me a different company name, and said they had never heard of the other companies with whom I had spoken. Two of the names I managed to remember are Advantage Student Loans and Student Loans Processing, LLC. They both told me they have an A+ BBB rating and are based out of Irvine, CA. When I finally talked to someone who was able to pull up my file, they told me that the electronic paperwork had not been signed correctly, and I wouldn’t be eligible for their program unless it was corrected. I told them that was fine, because I no longer felt safe being involved in the program. She tried to give me the BBB rating again, but when I told her I had done my own research and didn’t feel like they were reputable she immediately informed me that I didn’t need to worry, and she would cancel the application. I then received a follow up email informing me of said cancellation. If it turns out that this is a reputable company that can help with student loans I am not worried, because there will be a hundred more ready to help out. I am lucky that I was fortunate enough to not lose any money with this, and hopefully my experience can help others in the future.

    • Hi Jared, I just did the same thing. I can’t believe it!! I told them I would think about it and they said they would send me something in the mail. I’m worried because they have all my info including bank info. Have you noticed anything like identity theft, bank withdrawals? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

      • It may help you all to breathe easier to know that despite them having my bank info, I have not seen any strange or suspicious withdrawals. They do try and call about once every other week to see if I’m still interested, but I just ignore it. As long as you talk to them and tell them you want to cancel you should be fine. Hope this helps!

  • I got this same mailer. With the phone number 888 819-1106 on mine. They make it seem like some new law just passed and NOW you’re possibly eligible for total forgiveness of your loans (even though nothing has changed regarding total forgiveness through programs like IBR). I thought it was something important before opening it, because of the “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN NOTICE” on the outside. But now that you look at it, the words “effective immediately” are meaningless. They want you to think you have to immediately open it and they want you to think it came from your student loan providers.

    They know that the more sneaky they get, the more calls they’ll get. But it is illegal to impersonate a government agency through mail. This would be treading very close to that. Either way you can issue a prohibitory order with form 1500 from the USPS and have the mailings stopped….and when they don’t, you can request a hearing and it’s all down hill for them from there. But it’s also not unreasonable to win a lawsuit against them. Because a reasonable jury of my peers would most likely agree that the choosing of their wording was on purpose to give the appearance that they are the Federal govt, the holders of the loan. If this caused me any kind of financial loss I could sue and probably win. And I’m as creative as they are.

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