Cockburn & Associates Law Firm – Consumer Complaint – November 8, 2014

Consumer Statement:

I was falling behind in my credit cards payments, and decided to look for options.
As the internet seems to be one of the best options, I tried it, and I saw Cockburn & Associate law firm. As a canadian, I saw that the company is located in Canada as well, with a website and describing themselves as professionals who want to help people get out of debts. I filled out the contact form, and they contacted me immediately on my cellphone. That was back in 2013. We discussed on the phone about my issues and he came up with option: Just paying about $400.00/month, then the Cockburn & Associates Firm would pay my all debts, with just $50.00/month for administration fees.

I was so happy that everything will be done in a very short time. But, after a year with this company, there was no money in my Trustee account, even though they had been withdrawing monthly from my bank account.

I asked them that I would like to know what is going on, since I had been enrolled in this program for 12 months, I wanted to know how far are we to fix the matter. Surprisingly, I was told that the company “Cockburn & Associate Law firm does not help for free” , what I had been paying went to the so called ” Fees for service” that I have never even discussed with them, apart of $50.00 (administration fees).

When I asked the statement of my ” trustee account”, the customer care service would avoid it. One after another, changing customer agent almost every week, and they completely avoided to answer my question about “where my money went!!! Instead, they were suggesting me to borrow money from friends, or other lenders so that Cockburn & Associate Law Firm can have more to steal. Meanwhile, the collections were getting nasty, and I told them that Cockburn and Associates Law firm is taking care of the business…They laughed at me, and said: Those are scammers, they take your money and leave you struggling with your debts until the end of your life. I was scared to death!!!! I insisted, asking the company to give me the name of a supervisor, or the owner or general manager…They avoided until last minutes!!!! The supervisor came up with unclear statement, and I asked her explanation. She disappeared. Other stuff that I was dealing with ( on the phone and email) also disappeared. I asked to talk to the own..Shelia…She insisted to speak on the phone, I refused, I wanted a written statement. She/He was arrogant and intimidating in messages.

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So, the sad news she/He shared with me was that about 90% of my money went in their pocket, rather than paying my debts.

Another thing that I figured out, personal information WE send to them are shared with strangers, like SIN number, address, bank acount, address, names, age, gender, etc…. I still have some of them, sent by the company to me. So sad. How about mine?

So, I asked refunds, unfortunately the company refused, and I will bring the matter to the Ministers in charge of this business until I find the answer, because this company is misleading people, and suing the tittle and credentials to fools and steal people.
It is sad that some of the company’s supporters or whoever might be the statements here are trying to contradict consumers complaints.

Consumer Action Taken:

I needed money back, but never worked.
So, I will bring the matter to justice as soon as I can.

Date This Problem Happened: January 3, 2012

State You Live in: Montreal, Canada


Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,000

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Company Name: Cockburn & Associates Law Firm

Company Address:

7111 Syntex Drive 3rd floor
Mississauga, Ontario ON L5N8C3

Company Telephone Number: 866-551-8349

Website of Company: clegal.ca

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