Do American Premier Servicing Clients Have Something to Worry About?

A few days ago I received an email from a tipster (send in your tips here). The email is alleged to be a copy of communications between Global Client Solutions and some debt relief servicing group called American Premier Servicing.

The website for American Premier Servicing says “American Premier Servicing / Everest Debt Solutions / FDN Solutions”

There isn’t much to the site at all. Just this.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.33.34 AM

Their statement they will be open for business for the next two years indicated to me they were still managing client accounts.

So it was concerning to read the email, sent to a Mr. Daniels, that alleges Global Client Solutions was terminating services to the company and consumers.

The alleged email said, “After a thorough review of our concerns along with others we had separately identified we are terminating our agreement with America[n] Premier Servicing LLC. Accordingly we will no longer be providing access to any current and/or prior users of APS and will be notifying our consumer clients accordingly.”

I reached out to both the alleged sender of the email from Global Holdings, LLC and the email address on the APS website and after a couple of days, neither party has responded to confirm or deny the alleged email.

If someone had replied to assure me their was no risk to consumers, I would not have felt a need to publish this.

What I asked both companies was, “The email below was forwarded to me by an anonymous reader. I’m trying to identify if the email is a factual representation of what was sent and received and when it was sent.

Is there a need for me to alert consumers to an issue that might impact the safety of their accounts with APS?

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If not, a statement about that would be welcomed.”

Without a response by either party I’m left with no other course of action than to alert consumers that might be impacted by this and offer that it might be prudent to ask their provider for some feedback or clarification if they are an APS client.

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Update 1:49 PM

A reader forwarded a copy of a letter received that confirms the situation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.49.19 PM

If anyone has any more details, please feel free to post an update in the comments below.

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