I am Disabled and Worried About Paying My Credit Debt. – Patricia


“Dear Steve,

I am disabled and worried about paying my credit debt. I’m raising my 8yr.old granddaughter and only get 1,000 a month. My aunt died and is unable to pay funral bill and credit cards that I trusted family to pay and they did not what should I do im losing hope?

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My aunt died and lived with me as I took full care of her and because I drew her money out after telling the bank she past they gave me what was left in her acount which was about $800.00 and because social security took the money from the bank they are telling me I need to pay the money back and turned me into credit report. Am I liable for this?


Dear Patricia,

It certainly sounds like you are in a difficult spot. The passing was an emotional hit and a financial one as well. The money that the bank allowed you to take, if direct deposited by the government after the death of your aunt, is money that should go back to the government. I suspect that is what that issue is about.

I don’t know how much debt you have but whatever the number is, it is more than it sounds like you can pay. If you’ve been using the credit cards to help make ends meet then you are going to have to find alternative avenues of assistance. You should not use those cards anymore if there is no expectation that you will be able to repay them.

Bankruptcy is always an option for you to close the door on the old debt. But I think for you to be able to get by from this point forward you should contact your local county social service or welfare department and ask them what public benefits you might be eligible for since you are caring for your granddaughter. Even food stamps, now called SNAP, would be a benefit for you.

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