I’m a Student in the UK, My Phone Bill is Almost £300 This Month and I Plan Not to Pay It – Ali


“Dear Steve,

Hi there, i am an international student in the UK. when i got here i bought a phone contract for 35 pounds a month. i also made alot of international calls being unaware of the high international calling rates my phone bill this month is almost 300 pounds..

I have cancelled my direct debit. my address will change as i am moving out of my student dorm and i also plan to open a new bank account. My bank, phone company and university, all have my old address.

Is there any way the debt collector can find me now?..if yes how long wil they take to reach me? if they find me what would be the consequences?. can they stop me from entring into the uk again?.i do not plan to take any credit anymore so im not bothered about my credit rating..and i do not plan to settle here!..


Dear Ali,

Seriously, pay the bill. This situation is the result of you simply not reading the contract and understanding your mobile phone plan. This is not a situation where an unforeseeable event has led you into a never ending deep spiral of debt.

Get a part time job, and please pay the bill. It’s cheaper in the long run that hiding and waiting for the bailiff to find you. Remember in the UK, debt collectors can actually come to your door.

You are going to run into many times in your life when you will have an unexpected bill. You can’t simply run and hide when you don’t like it.

You can always contact the telephone company and make payment arrangements. Maybe £30 a month for ten months?

I already know you are not going to like my answer but in the long run, if you follow my advice here, it will serve you better in life.


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